Newly Elected Republican Senators Sign Pledge to Eliminate Food Stamp Program in 2015

One hundred percent of newly elected Republican Senators have agreed to vote to eliminate the food stamps program including;

Senators Cory Gardner (R-Colo.), David Perdue (R-Ga.), Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), James Lankford (R-Okla.), Steve Daines (R-Mont.), Mike Rounds (R-S.D.), Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.), and Ben Sasse (R-Neb.).

“Small businesses and the American people cannot afford President Obama’s countless new regulations and tax increases. There is a right way and a wrong to improve our country’s welfare system, and the President’s policies just aren’t working. We need to put poor people first and lower costs,” Senator Gardner said in a statement.

Senator Perdue stated on his campaign website that he was one of the millions of Americans who would support free market solutions to feeding the nation.

“The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is an overreaching federal program that has actually worsened the nutritional standards in this nation and increased costs. I am one of the millions of Americans who wish this program would end. To make matters worse, SNAP benefits are discouraging full-time job creation. We need to repeal the SNAP program and replace it with more affordable free market solutions,” Perdue said on his campaign page.

The Senators signed a pledge to approve any legislation in 2015 that would completely defund the $78 billion program.


  1. Jayde da Blade says:

    why attack the poor so many other bullcra programs and yet attack the mothers and kids..yeah that’s the solution..dum fuks

    • This is a fake news story!

        • Except every other word in the article you mention is Obamacare. Food stamps have NOTHING to do with Obamacare. With all the crap told by R’baggers then why not let this obvious likelihood slide? I see absolutely no reason to not believe the plausibility of THIS article. You know the bastards would wipe it out in a New York minute.


          • screamineagle says:

            Dianna, I don’t know if you’re just heartless, or, a genuine shitty excuse for a human being. Are you really swallowing that Kool Aid or do you not care that 4 million children go hungry every day?

          • Donni Slater says:

            She’s a fox news parrot.

          • NO.. I AM NOT HEARTLESS.. i just don’t like people mooching off other people who work.. welfare was to be used as a stepping stone .. when something came up.. but it seems to have broken up the families of it’s users.. and without husbands people on welfare for some reason have more and more children and expect the Working man to pick up the tab.. stop being lazy and get to work.. any work…

          • screamineagle says:

            So, you are just a greedy, opinionated bitch.

          • Your picking up a 7billion $ tab giving huge amounts of money to the rich farmers. 4 who are pictured above.

          • and i guess you forgot.. the koolaid drinkers are the liberals like yourself.

      • How do you know it’s fake? It does look like a repeat but it doesn’t look fake.

      • I hope you are right-it sure as hell sounds like something they would support.

        • Yes, it does.

        • Maude, I hope you are correct. I don’t trust any of them!

          • any of them? so you DON’T VOTE? SCREAM and HOLLER and COMPLAIN yet YOU DIDN’T SHOW UP at the polls in November thanks a lot

          • Yes, I did on all counts..What makes you think otherwise?

          • what makes me think otherwise? cuz you voted their butts in that’s why…I told people exactly what would happen if Cotton was elected and it has…I COULD SEE THROUGH him THEN…wasn’t blind…I’ll do everything AND I MEAN EVERYTHING I CAN while I live here to make sure BOZO isn’t reelected..

          • Laura Blaylock says:

            Cotton will be re- elected!!!

        • It only sure as Hell sounds like something Republicans would do if you’re 100% totally ignorant about Republicans.

          • James Lankford is “my” Senator (I did not vote for him, not even sure he is a human. He looks like a claymation guy from one of the awesome old Christmas shows) & he would quite possibly do that, but the story is false. The guy is full of poop, my father has reached out to him over and over for help with an issue a self-professing “Good Christian man” should just do, but he never seems t have the time for my 76 year old Dad, who did vote for him. Putting any trust in any politicians is just a fool’s errand.

          • Whycantweallgetalong Whycantwe says:

            Why did your dad vote for some one who was against his self interest??? SMH!!

          • first of all why in GOD’S NAME did you dad vote this guy in? you should have talked him out of it…HE NEEDS TO CHANGE PARTIES like I did in 2000 14 years of DEMOCRAT VOTING AND I’LL NEVER GO BACK

          • Well James Lankford never missed a vote.. he is concerned about his country.. Many people should learn more about their people before complain.. so these democrats can afford to buying the votes of the less fortunate.. they don’t try to help them .. just throw crumbs instead of getting them self-sufficient by job training.. HERE IS SOME INFORMATION ABOUT DIANNE FIENSTIEN:

            Sen. Diane Feinstein’s husband Richard Blum won a construction contract for California’s high-speed rail project, reports the California Political Review.

          • oh let’s bring dirt up on Feinstein that’s the REPUBLICON WAY

          • So you have a problem with that, but NONE with cutting food stamps for the poor so they can give bigger breaks to billionaires and start more wars? That’s brilliant! At least the senator’s husband is building something useful instead of running bomb trains through small towns, loaded with the Koch Brothers tar sands oil.

          • He is also my senator and I cannot stand him! Even though story might be false, I can see him doing this, as he does not give a damn about anyone other then a Christian Republican! He will damn sure vote for war any day, but refuses to help us veterans and seniors!

          • You mean “if you’re totally ignorant like Republicans”

          • Antonio Giovanni says:

            true considering the Democractic party created the KKK and all

          • D Jean Benway says:

            Study: The KKK helped Republicans win the South – Yahoo …
            Yahoo! News
            Dec 10, 2014 – From Yahoo News: By 2000, it was solidly Republican in presidential politics and mostly Republican at the congressional level.

          • once again someone speaks but doesn’t research…that’s the problem with REPUBLICANS no RESEARCH..

          • and they all became Reps!

          • Good lord. The Democratic Party of 1867 is now the Republican Party, clueless.

          • originally the racist people were in the DEMOCRATIC PARTY BUT NOT ANYMORE

          • This isn’t true. What is true is that the Democrats USED to be the party of the South, but with Nixon’s Southern Strategy, the parties flipped and now the Repugnikkkans are the party of the KKK.

          • gingerailtoo says:

            But when the parties split the racist went Republican….

          • That was a long time ago before the Democrats figure things out!

          • Look..there are so many programs and people are on more than one.. Democrats like to use these programs to get people to vote for them.. Why don’t you Check out Harry Reid.. they went after Bundy.. Why? Well, Harry Reid and his son got a big kick back from a Chinese Company.. Some people are collect $30,000.00 or more a year from different programs and are not looking for jobs thanks to obama changing the Unemployment Laws that Clinton signed into Law.. So maybe if the democrat voter got the real truth they wouldn’t be so eager to vote Democrat.. under obama 27 million more people signed up.. Obama has advertised in Spanish for food stamps and other programs.. Obama has advertised in countries south of the Border for these programs.. THAT IS WHY 100’S OF THOUSANDS INVADED OUR COUNTRY AND OBAMA SHIPPED THEM TO DIFFERENT STATES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.. and I am not a Republican but a conservative Democrat.. so stop the lies of the liberals..

          • OH, REALLT?? Just for the record, they’ve CUT food stamps twice over the past 4 months alone. And they are working to cut and eventually eliminate Social Security. If you don’t know that then you don’t pay much attention to YOUR party. And don’t come back and claim not to be one, yourself, because no one BUT one of them would ever KTA.

        • Jeannine's Business says:

          It is something they would support and food stamp recipients are mostly women children and seniors

      • NOT a fake news story. Trailchicky is making stuff up!

      • Gregory In Seattle says:

        This one?

        This story is not the same.

      • I think you’re right. And the joke isn’t funny.


          • Donni Slater says:

            STOP SHOUTING AT PEOPLE! Go back and watch fox. You’ll feel much better. You obviously don’t care about people. Shoo, go away.



          • Donni Slater says:


      • I wish it was. Republicans already CUT 40 BILLION DOLLARS over the next 10 years from the The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. (SNAP) Otherwise known as food stamps. We took food to several poor families over the holidays. One tearful mommie remarked “It has been so long since we have had any meat.”


      • Jacqeline Darkandlovely Sims says:

        I did hear they were trying to do this.

    • it’s not attacking the poor.. It’s just clarifying what is going on.. all you people are talking about something you know nothing about.. You don’t know who is getting this money..and since you cannot even write a sentence means you have no knowledge.. only the knowledge of taking food away WHICH IS NOT THE CASE.. democrats buy votes from people like you.. THERE ARE MANY PROGRAMS.. AND MANY ARE SPENDING MONEY ON TRIPS AND THINGS THAT THEY KNOW IS AGAINST THE LAW… BUT IT SEEMS LIKE THE DEMOCRATS DON’T CARE AS LONG AS YOU VOTE DEMOCRAT… WHO PAYS FOR THIS? THIS WAS TO BE USED TO HELP .. NOT TO LIVE ON PERMANENTLY..

      • Jayde da Blade says:


      • Jayde da Blade says:

        but i have a real point you have a book …that is still bullsheet on the disqus…

        • yes.. you are bullshit.

          • Jayde da Blade says:

            and you still a bullshit horse fly. doing figure 8 circulation on my every word….

          • Jayde da Blade says:

            also little girl. that is an opinion you wrote. THAT does not address anything. its a rant from a no it all bish. you are ranting about what I dont know. meanwhile WE ALL no. U STUPID.

    • For one simple reason! If you rip off and attack a rich man, he/she will come after you with everything at their disposal, but if you rip off and attack a poor man, woman and child they’ll just roll over and take it because they don’t have any resources to come after you with

  2. Sybil Francois says:

    You know I say let them have their way stop fighting them and lets see where it takes them in their attempts to fix things. So sick and tired of being sick and tired of hearing these peopl nag nag nag about any and everything.

  3. Revolution

  4. And they have the gall to use their failed “free market” snake oil as the solution.

  5. Pamela Shaffer says:

    They better bring a ton of jobs to each town, city and etc. or there will be total chaos!!!!!!!

    • lyla cavanaugh says:

      Call your senator and congressman tell them no more unfair free trade treaties like TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) of the Asian free trade agreement they are about to let Obama sign in the dead of night without even reading. Tell them not to vote to give Obama carte blanche to sign these treaties in a hurry like he wants. Call the Repubs and tell them now, before it is too late and the last of our jobs is shipped off shore. Tell them they are out of office if the vote for these. Both Repubs and Dems plan to vote for these behind our backs if you don’t give them a wake up call and tell them enough is enough! No more NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT and New World Order.

  6. Norma Jean Davis says:

    Being I’m disable and on S.S.I I wonder which one of them mutha fucker or bitches is going to make sure I have food to eat if their that fucking stupid. People need to realize there all kinds of people getting food stamps the disable, the elderly, the poor , families that work minimum wage jobs it’s not just lazy people like most of you idiots think.

    • GOTP thinking: You’re not so disabled that you can type on the computer. That means you can go get a full time job. /s

      • Shut the hell up moron you don’t know him idiot

        • Imma Commenter says:

          Dude, he said that was the way the right thinks

          • Thank you.

          • OMG ppl do you not READ?!? Did you not read “GOTP thinking:” at the VERY BEGINNING of his comment… MEANING this is how the Good Ole Tea Party thinks!! SHEESH! READ!!

          • Imma Commenter says:

            I read “GOTP thinking”. That’s why I pointed out to Dave Schultz that RiverMikeRat was stating that’s how the right thinks.

            So why are you accusing me of not being able to read? At least I assume that’s what you’re doing because you responded to my post.

      • Most people are not as disabled as they think they are. It is easier to try to get SSI then it is to work a menial job they think they are above. Why the hell are people who never worked allowed to collect in the first place? Unless it is a serious, true disability, they should get jack shit.

        • Wallace Torbert says:

          Many are riding disability, most are not. It is not easy to get SS disability

        • And do what? Die?

        • sapereaudeprime says:

          Before that happens, I hope some of them eat you and your children.

          • Lorry G Halfkenny says:

            lolololol..i know it’s not supposed to be funny but it is…s…t i’m 66, disabled on Social Security and food stamps and trying to get back in the work-force[originally here just to view the comments] ; by going back to school to learn a new trade…am now beginning to understand why Americans are swiftly becoming an endangered species:Beginningless Ignorance! please do not go and look it up in the dictionary/thesaurus….just go into the lav, look in the mirror, view the hater/self-hater looking back at your spoiled rotten self: running hot and cold water, bathroom INSIDE of your abode, free education up to high school, free emergency health care, food pantries, electricity, shelters, free clothing[if you really need it], trial by jury [in most cases or plea bargaining] not bombing or droning, elections, free cell phones……anything else, oh yeah, freedom of religion!!!!and the list goes on…….the above poster reminds me of an old group or song:’AMERICA EATS ITS YOUNG’…..well i’m American and i say it’s time to go on a diet fellow Americans, as you appear to be over-dosing and dying from your non-stop diet of Egocentrically force-fed and overdone Inhumanity……..ijs p.s.happy holidays and God Bless America

          • I believe the key to creating a better food stamp program is getting input from the people using it. The people I know on foodstamps have the best ideas on how to fix this broken system without eliminating it completely.

          • lyla cavanaugh says:

            Fresh food needs to be on the menu. No more sugary fruits like they are feeding the kids in the school program! These just make every one sicker and in need of more medical later on.

          • Now that’s sarcasm, lol

          • enjoy your welfare

          • sapereaudeprime says:

            I am 71, and have never applied for or taken welfare, but it would be a pleasure to throttle you and get free room, board, medical and dental care, euthanasia and cremation in payment.

        • YOU are either an idiot or a liar.

          It took me 7 different doctors plus 2 doctors from the government, along with 2 years of waiting for me to die, before I was finally ‘given’ my disability.

          First we had you greedy bastards saying that if we just gave the wealthy more tax cuts, there would be no need for government assistance. And then Bush gave the wealthy the 2 LARGEST tax cuts in history, while starting 2 wars.
          When are the wealthy going to fill the charities? When will the need end?
          Its a good thing we didnt privatize social security like you cuntservatives wanted. What would have happened in 2008 when the stock market bombed, if social security would have been included?

          you compassionate con serf ative.

        • Norma Jean Davis says:

          It took me 10 yrs to get my disability believe it not easy and I would rather work. I started working when I was 17yrs old and worked till I couldn’t anymore. I worked taking care of people in Nursing Homes and doing Private Duty nursing. And believe it a bitch now when I’m legally deaf, nearly blind from strokes, and can barely walk without hold on to something and live alone I can’t get no one to help me. And what little I do get to live on the fucking Republican want to take away instead of bitch some of you try living on 743. paying all your bill first don’t worry you won’t be partying or most months buying the things you need. and 128. in food stamp for food a month after you live like that for 6 months. Come back and tell me how it’s been other wise SHUT THE FUCK UP

          • Me again. Have you applied for Section 8? Low-Income Housing? Senior Housing usually will allow disabled persons the ability to live there as well and I say this because you are living on a very tight budget and anything you can do to reduce those monthly living costs is to your benefit. Most have already done all they can, Catholic Charities (nation wide) is known for assisting with housing, especially for the disabled and elderly – you don’t have to be Catholic, it’s simply a great resource. Lots of churches have volunteer programs, as do high schools. I have a friend whose mother gets a caregiver provided by the state in her home 7 days a week, 8 hours a day – research these options and best wishes.

          • Norma Jean Davis says:

            I do get section 8 I pay 116. Rent but with the cost of electric, phone, tv, internet going up up up it’s still ruff and yes I know some of these mutha fuckin son of bitches think that being I can’t work anymore even when I started working at 17 I shouldn’t have a live with tv and internet but they can kiss my ass. I get a 12.00 raise a year and usually they jack my rent up 10. so there goes that raise I do the best I can and I’m a firm believer that bills are paid first then I try to get what I need in cleaning supplies for my home and personal use and to get my meds. most months I can’t get either and I can’t even think about buying extra food to get me through the month that not happening. But for so reason That if you work hard then became disable your suppose to crawl in a hole and die not have a life. And that so wrong when I was able to work I took care of other people but now that I need someone to help in my home I can’t get it because I won’t take meds for depression meds that can giver cancer or make you want to kill yourself. I refuse to take it I’m on enough meds to keep me alive why the fuck would I want to take meds that can kill me doesn’t make sense. People think that if you look healthy you must be not true so many illness don’t show on the outside of your body it all on the inside where people can’t see it. I’m sick and tired of being in severe pain everyday or going to sleep and waking up in severe pain crying. Of not be able to walk to the bathroom without a cane and still holding on to whatever you can so you don’t fall. That not a life I would wish on these hateful mutha fuckers and stupid bitches.

          • lyla cavanaugh says:

            My friend had the same problem. Medicare Part D stopped paying for her antidepressants and she was told they would cost $450 per month so she had to stop taking them. She is in constant pain also from Lyme Disease and severe osteoarthritis all over body. The pills she was taking did get rid of a lot of pain but she can no longer afford them. Most generic pills are doubling this year. Say Thanks to Big Pharma.

          • lyla cavanaugh says:

            I know a ninety three yr. old lady who had to go on senior housing. They gave her the smallest, interior dimly lit room with no windows in the apartments where she had been living for thirty years. She and her caretaker became so depressed with these conditions that a distant relative was contacted who is paying the bill for a decent room in the same apartments. Her rent kept going up two times per year for the past twenty years. She started paying $350 per month and wound up not being able to pay the $4,500 per month in the end.

        • I hope to God you never have to apply for disability, but in the meantime, don’t be opining about something you don’t have a clue about.

          • This idiot doesn’t realise how hugely the Republican parasites are living at his expense.

          • True, red states are siphoning more of our federal funds than they pay in, while blue states pay in much more than they ever get back.
            Anybody who doesn’t like welfare should stop voting for Republicans.

          • I know plenty about it. My BIL has been on SSI(which is welfare) for nearly 3 decades for social anxiety. What a crock. I work with diabetes, chronic dizziness and many other issues. I don’t care to hear all the BS excuses. SSI needs to GO

          • D Jean Benway says:

            i hope he does !

        • Get some knowledge of where your tax dollars go, you brainless, mean-spirited fool. Check how much military spending is costing you.

          • SSI is a scam and needs to go. My BIL has been on it for nearly 3 decades for social anxiety. Never wanted to work for his money, so the tax payers provide for all his needs, free medical(while my family pays out 1100 in premiums a month) food stamps, and we also pay for his pot and cigs. That is ok though, right? I am tired of the freeloaders in this country. I doubt you pay a dime in federal that pays for these programs though.

          • lyla cavanaugh says:

            You know food stamps all have to be paid back from your estate when you die. So anyone getting it who does not really need it will repay this program when they die!

          • D Jean Benway says:

            I have a adult daughter that has downs…….so she is a freeloader ?????with her 731 @ mo ?????and she gets NO food stamps !

          • D Jean Benway says:

            What about Corporate Welfare…..thats ok ?make millions…pay no taxes….get huge tax refunds…go ahead tell me how that is fair ! isnt freedom of speech wonderful…it allows Idiots like you to post…lol lol i put lol because you are a joke !!

        • how would you know how “easy” it is to get SSI? It isnt, btw. Its one of the most difficult process to do. As it should be. Go ahead and try to apply -see how far you get.

        • Why? Because some of us are too young to have had enough experience with jobs and many of us have had issues with keeping those jobs unless they were contracted work study jobs because of our disabilities. Took eight years just to get a flipping degree that no longer is applicable due to technological advances. No one wants to hire the hearing impaired, autistic person who has to miss most days because everytime they go somewhere they end up picking up a viral infection that knocks them flat out so they have to go to the doctor all the time. But when you meet the employer that does without me having to relocate, let me know. Sheesh. You try having 40 doctors in one year and 120 appointments.

      • Wallace Torbert says:

        He is disabled you twitt

        • He was being SARCASTIC ( sar·casm noun ˈsär-ˌka-zəm
          :the use of words that mean the opposite of what you really want to say
          especially in order to insult someone, to show irritation, or to be
          funny ) Lighten up people, sheesh…

      • RiverMikeRat…you sound like you’re the disabled one with that stupid ass comment. If you graduated from ANY school you need your money back immediately! She said she was disabled not missing her arms. Maybe she can get a job with you seeing as though they CLEARLY hire whoever comes through the door. Go sit down somewhere

        • Damn. How is it that so fucking many people can’t see irony or snark? Also, what the hell happened to reading comprehension? Does “GOTP thinking:” not give a fucking clue?

          Actually, the company I work for is very picky about who we hire. I own it. Obviously the people giving me shit here because they don’t understand irony and sarcasm wouldn’t be qualified as critical thinking skills are definitely required.

          Oh, and I graduated from several Navy schools, several schools/training seminars put on by the automakers and auto parts makers, as well as Firestone and Goodyear. Did quite well in the fields I was studying, too.

          • RiverMikeRat it’s hard to see sarcasm without voice inflection or body movement. I can see you were being facetious but in today’s environment of hateful and nasty Teabillies I can see where people might get the wrong impression.

          • I know, that’s why I use the “/s” to show people it’s snark/sarcasm.

          • Well, some of us didn’t know what “/s” means…Now we know. lol.

          • cybervigilante says:

            It’s hard to separate irony from reality with this Congress.

        • I believe RiverMikeRat’s comment was “sarcasm.”

      • I’m 90% blind. I suppose I should just jump out and get a job!?! I can see a PC right?!? Fuck you!

      • Why are you offering to pay him or others full time pay with benefits and transportation or are you one of those assholes that speak without being able to back it up! Talking to you rivermikerat?

        • If he can function properly in my work environment and make me money, yes. However, that said, I am a technical and automotive writer. I can see from the prose that he wouldn’t fit. Transportation is a no go, though. All our work is telecommute. That said, I do pay 50% of the Internet connection for the employees I do have. I pay 75% of the connection fee for my lead researcher though, because EVERYTHING she does for me requires an Internet connection, whereas the writers only need it to send me their projects. I’m the only one that I know of in this industry that pays any portion of an employee’s Internet costs. I worked tech support for an ISP in the 90s and half my work was from home. They gave me a free Internet account, but didn’t pay for my service from the phone company, I had to, although every bit of my work from home was over the Internet.

      • Norma Jean Davis says:

        RiverMikeRat yeah I can type but walking is another story so unless you know what it’s like to be in pain 24/7 and not being able to walk without holding on to something STFU you could live through half of what I been through.

        • Hmm. Yeah. Two surgeries on each knee. Ruptured Achilles tendon on the left ankle and plantar fascietis in the right ankle. My left shoulder also sounds like popcorn any time it moves. There’s also this little issue of daily migraine attacks that I put up with. Oh, and those knee surgeries? I had to put up with debilitating pain for 2 years because my cheapskate father didn’t think I was hurt enough to see a doctor, although I had stolen and begun using the crutches my sister had when SHE blew out her knee.

          Live through what you’ve been through? Oh, you mean like living out of a van for 3 years, a 77 Buick LeSabre for 3 years, and a Ford Escort for 3 more? That’s of course not counting the 2 years in homeless shelters or the 4 months spent sleeping under the stars in the desert outside Tucson, Az.

          Nah, you’re right. I could never have gone through never knowing where I was going to sleep that night or if I was going to end up in jail in the morning for not knowing where I was going to sleep. Yep. I could never have gone through knowing that I had a warm and comfortable bed and a shower that didn’t come out of a Coke bottle. Too comfortable.

          • Norma Jean Davis says:

            RiverMikeRat So you been through hell Mike but not everyone is like you. You can’t go around putting down people just cause you made it and you think everyone can. My goal was to be a nurse but that got screwed when I fucked up my back and couldn’t walk working as a nurses asst. in a nursing home. So do me a favor and FUCK OFF MIKE

      • cybervigilante says:

        I remember a story on TV about Unum disability insurance, which must have been run by Republicans. They refused to pay a claim from an eye surgeon with Parkinsons, whose hands were shaking uncontrollably, claiming he could still operate. Not on my eyes!

      • No one gets full time jobs.. because of obamacare..

      • No it doesn’t. Disabled does not mean incapacitated, lol. You can be truly disabled and read. It doesn’t matter if that means reading a book or reading a computer screen…and typing a few words off and on throughout the day doesn’t mean that they can sit at a job all day long and remain active and alert. Many disabled people are on medication that prevent them from being highly alert…being able to function and communicate does not mean they have the capacity to work. Phone and computer jobs require a person to have critical thinking skills so they can handle a multitude of situations. People who are on meds or who are in pain can not handle a job like that. Also, when you are in pain, your priority is to be as comfortable as possible, not providing service to someone else. *Think*

    • I don’t know what your disability is, but the SSI program is being abused as well. Years ago, everyone worked, regardless of disability. Now everyone is “disabled”, too many younger people. I have a BIL shitting up the SSI program for 25 yrs because of social anxiety. That is BS. Where are my freebies? I get nothing because we had to be responsible.

      • Wallace Torbert says:

        Years ago everyone was not working., It was called a depression dufus. Soup lines. But, progressives built Las Vegas and Hoover Dam and the Blue Ridge Parkway and National Parks while waiting for jobs. That came after WW11. Failed capitalism.

      • sapereaudeprime says:

        Where the goat-fucking hell do you think these people will get a job? Most of them don’t have college degrees, and they don’t have enough money to move to Florida or California and compete with seasonal veggie and fruit pickers. This country deserves to be destroyed and replaced by a decent, altruistic, socialist, Christian country as most of New England was before the Industrial Revolution.

        • lyla cavanaugh says:

          California has a major drought in the Central Valley and most of those “pickers” are unemployed now.

      • you are a stupid fuck…

        or a conservative…

        but I repeat myself!

    • Not to mention Military families.

    • Brenda Doucette says:

      im also on SSI and i am disabled they cut my food stamps dramatically this week from $182 to $69 i have no clue how i am going to be able to afford any food this month, that $69 gets the basics milk, sugar,coffee, bread & eggs

      • You are off base blaming undocumented immigrants. They do not get benefits. Furthermore, they are not doing anything illegal, or they could be charged. They do all the horrible jobs that people like you wouldn’t last fifteen minutes at. Don’t embarrass yourself.

        • lyla cavanaugh says:

          The emergency rooms in Los Angeles are full of illegal aliens, like sixty or seventy people. They must be seen and cared for. They all go to school which is more and more costly with food programs. They get college loans etc. These are benefits. They get food for babies. Health care and schools are so costly now that is why those Repub tea party types are balking at legalization. I am not on their side but I see how they look at it.

    • Norma Jean, I am in total agreement with you. I too am on SSI but for other reasons. I understand how you feel. The food stamp program is vital to those who can’t afford rent, utilities and having to decide whether to eat or pay for desperately needed medicine. I’ve been unemployed for 12 years and really for no good reason at all except I’m not bilingual. But now I’m a diabetic and have arthritis in both my knees which would prevent me from standing on my feet all day. I used to work in retail as a cashier and even worked 10 hour shifts straight without a break which happens to be illegal. If I did that now being a diabetic, well let’s just say I might not be here to tell you this story.
      Before I got SSI, all I could get was $140 in food stamps a month and to get that, I had to be completely and utterly flat broke. Other people who have homes, families and jobs could get them without having to be homeless and jobless. Yes I agree there is something wrong with the current system but to eliminate it altogether would be a catastrophe to those who really need and rely on it.
      Don’t worry what others are telling you, because you are not alone. I don’t qualify for food stamps for reasons I feel are too personal to explain here, but if I did get them, believe me I’d be mad too. Not everyone in America is rich that’s true, Washington needs to revamp the system, not eliminate it. Unless Congress can find every unemployed man and woman in this country work or raise the amount they get from Social Security. Washington needs to determine who can qualify for assistance and who isn’t. Sure people can lie on their application, but there are ways of finding out who’s telling the truth and who isn’t. I wish you all the best and a happy holiday and a happy new year.

      • lyla cavanaugh says:

        Those getting SSI cannot also get food stamps. It is the deal the states made with the federal government.

    • Norma Jean Davis, don’t freak out =) Chances are if this story IS real, a change like this would not effect the elderly/disabled of our nation, they would of course be grand-fathered into the existing program as we know it with no further applicants/participants ever taken. There’s a world of change happening around us and while I don’t know what will or won’t happen, we don’t live in a country that allows its disabled or elderly to be thrown away without an alternative.

    • Cherl Thorne-Fielder says:

      that is the sad part…those buzzards think they are hurting Black people in general…and that is just not tha case….many disabled, hard working, vets all types of AMERICANS need a little assistance smh @ the evil men do…praying for you Ms Norma, prying for ALL my fellow Americans who deserve help…

    • You should curse for a living, you seem to enjoy it and are quite good at it.

    • Norma.. obama will take from you to give to the Illegal Aliens.. they will be the new voting block for democrats.. SO BEFORE YOU VOTE DO MORE RESEARCH..

    • I doubt that they will leave the truly poor without food. That would be wrong and even Americans that don’t agree with the welfare system would not stand for it. I am sure another system would be put in place to cover the elderly and disabled who can not work for themselves. There are too many people in this country who are getting $750 – $1000 a month in food stamps because they have so many kids (some ruin things for all)…That is far too much money to be handing out for food. After my divorce I was forced to raise my kids on a limited income and we learned to “budget”…and that included budgeting for food. Many of these people are not spending their money on food…they buy fast food and the kind of food that is not necessary…I can tell you that I’ve been approached at the grocery store by these people trying to sell me their food stamps at half price…I don’t understand how that is done because I thought they had to buy food with a card that gets refilled each month, but I promise you this happens. It’s not hard to feed a family on $400 a month if you aren’t buying high priced items. These programs are meant for the short term. They were not meant for people to live on the system for years and years…There should be a separate program for people on Social Security and I am sure if there is a “true” welfare and food stamp reform, that they will come up with something for those who really can’t work.

  7. So, does that mean they are for increasing the minimum wage to $15/hour so poor people can afford to buy food from their own earnings?

    • We are a one income household with three people,one of those is a 2 year old. We don’t get assistance in any form and the one income that we do have is no where near $15 an hour. We buy our own food and most of it is organic and no processed food whatsoever. We have to make ALL of our food from scratch because of our 2 year olds allergies to many food items. We get by without food stamps and others will to. They will figure something out if they are put in the situation.

      • good for you. Most people on here are against personal responsibility though. I agree, they will have to figure it out they way we did years ago, when there was NO welfare.

        • sapereaudeprime says:

          YOu have no idea of what it is like for people in the hinterlands whose factories and mills have been sold out of the country, and who haven’t the money nor the training to go on a migratory search for a job. You are a Satanist, not a Christian or a Jew or a Muslim.

          • I am neither of those things. I am a Pagan and I worship the old Gods and Goddesses. YOU have no idea what I have been through in my life. I have stood in lines at the food banks,been homeless and on the streets. I have been without food and a job. BUT…I did NOT rely on welfare to get me where I am today. I also did NOT rely on the Christian God,nor did I use my religion as an excuse. I done what had to be done and I am all the stronger for it.

          • Brenda: What do you think food banks are? St Mary’s Food Bank has always received government grants such as SNAP, WIC, and SSNP (Senior Supplemental Nutrition Program, which delivers commodities directly to the residences of seniors below the poverty line). Donations of food from private parties and businesses and monetary gifts from donors, as well as volunteers who staff most of the distribution positions, account for many of the needs of St Mary’s, but administrative costs, including trucking of foodstuff to various outlets and the maintenance of the fleets, have to have haulers who are under the requirements of government laws, and these are covered by the Dept of Agriculture grants to the various agencies who provide foodbanks, children’s feeding programs, Meals on Wheels, school lunch programs, and feeding at homeless shelters. Food Banks ARE welfare!!! Generally they are a combination of services from the Dept. of Ag grants and the churches or other non-profits which provide this welfare!

        • littleamb3: I’m 74, and I received welfare when I was 18, both my husband and I were in college, and both had jobs! Instead of Food Stamps (SNAP), we had commodities, or government purchasing of food directly from farmers. There was a wide difference from commodities received at Michigan State Univ. and Univ. of MO, because major crops in the area differed. Almost all the graduate students I knew back in the 50’s and 60’s received commodities or welfare! Where did you live that there was no welfare? Or are you over 100 years old?

          • my dad is 76 and most people from that generation did NOT collect because they had something called pride. The only thing my grandmother ever got in the great depression was a block of cheese. You are very wrong if you think everyone your age collected.

          • I also don’t consider some powdered milk or a block of cheese to be welfare. DO you realize what these younger people get today ? A young mother gets WIC, Food stamps, free/reduced lunch for her kids at school, free medical etc. . These mothers are staying home, NOT working to provide for their kids. It is not right. If you need welfare in order to be a SAHM, you can’t afford to be home and the tax payers should not be paying for you.

        • Yeah that was called the Great Depression. From what my grandma told me, those were the good ol’ days.

          • strange. The only kind of welfare my grandmother got was a block of cheese during the great depression. Somehow , even though they were poor, they managed to feed their children. My grandfather had a JOB and worked many hours to provide

      • Lucky you, I hope you know that you are blessed. However not everyone is so fortunate. Unless you’ve walked a mile in someone else’s shoes it’s best to leave judgement to the Lord.

        • I am neither of those things. I am a Pagan and I worship the old Gods and Goddesses. YOU have no idea what I have been through in my life. I have stood in lines at the food banks,been homeless and on the streets. I have been without food and a job. BUT…I did NOT rely on welfare to get me where I am today. I also did NOT rely on the Christian God,nor did I use my religion as an excuse. I done what had to be done and I am all the stronger for it.YOU also do not know what a person has been through. I have been in some really tight spots before,but I always made it without welfare.

      • This tells me several things about you: 1) you live in an area where you can afford to find housing with what the sole breadwinner is making; 2) you have access to food that is organic and not processed, either via car, public transportation or live in close proximity to a farm or farmer’s market; 3) that you have at least basic cooking skills; 4) one person in the household is a stay-at-home parent who has the ability to devote significant time to food selection and preparation. Those factors all allow you to do what you’re doing. Someone who is a single parent; lacks adequate transportation; never learned basic cooking skills; or cannot find even the most basic housing on the level of income you have, they could not do what you do. I consider it a privilege to pay taxes to help people who are less fortunate than me and want our government to assist those who need it and an infrastructure which makes it possible for people to help themselves and make better choices, rather than punishing people who use services when they need a helping hand.

        • Peebee,my rent is $500 a month for a 2 bedroom apartment,I stay at home because I have to. We have a 2 year old that has Cerebral Palsy and requires extra attention. I cook from scratch because I HAVE to. I taught myself to cook using cookbooks. We shop the regular markets,not specialty stores for our food. Hubby also is a hunter and I am a gatherer.We live very frugal and don’t have cable,expensive phones or even a house phone. We shop thrift shops for what we need. We also barter and trade for the items that we need. If people were put in a situation where they HAVE to survive,they will either survive or perish. The weak and lazy would perish. I was raised in the country and taught to live off of the land.

          • Your rent is $500/mo for a 2-bedroom apartment, while that would not even rent a bedroom in a shared house in most areas. You say that you stay home because you have to, because of your special needs child, but if you didn’t have a husband supporting you or another family member to provide care, then you could not do that: you would have to accept government assistance (and if you’re not accepting disability assistance for your child, then you’re unnecessarily depriving your child of resources specifically designed for his or her benefit). You have the ability to get to a supermarket where fresh food is for sale: some live in urban deserts where it is not possible to purchase those items, and don’t have transportation options enabling them to get to a full-service supermarket. You had the time to teach yourself to cook (which would be much less likely if you were working full time or juggling multiple low-paying jobs). And you apparently live in a rural area where hunting is permitted and your husband has those skills. You say “I was raised in the country and taught to live off of the land.” — some people were not raised in the country and were not taught those things. We all do what we have to do, but you still have certain advantages that allow you to do those things, in addition to certain disadvantages which make some of those things more difficult. Others have a different allocation of advantages and disadvantages that are no less real to them, but may make the difference between survival and the alternative. Having resilience as one of your personal strengths does not mean that you have to lack compassion for those who have less of it, as it is not necessarily a quality that you choose to have, or that extreme circumstances can’t overcome.

          • Norma Jean Davis says:

            Average 2 bedroom apartment here that is not a dump and is fit to live in start about 795. My 1 bedroom is 695. a month and getting 755.10 a month living alone thank goodness I only have to pay 116. a month. But to me Brenda is a selfish bitch and no compassion for no one but her family and maybe not even them.

          • lyla cavanaugh says:

            How can you afford health insurance for the disabled child and yourselves?

          • Norma Jean Davis says:

            Brenda I was also raised on home grown veggies and my dad hunter and we lived on a farm. When I was married to my first husband we raised pigs and cow to butcher for meat and he to was a hunter. I planted a garden and can and frozen veggies. But because of my health problems I can no longer do that. I learn to cook at a very young age and I prefer to make food from scratch. But on 128. dollars a month to eat I can’t afford to do that I now live in a city Philadelphia Pa . And from what your saying even though I work from the age of 17 till I no longer could and being I can’t walk most days I’m legally deaf and mostly blind from strokes I should just die so your self center selfish ass don’t have to help me or people like me. Well BITCH maybe you should be the one that crawls in a hole and curls up and dies. Selfish self center bitch.

          • It sounds like your situtation has made you bitter. Blame everyone else but yourself. Karma..what goes around comes around you have no one to blame but yourself. So sorry you are bitter about reaping your rewards though. I will pray for you.

          • Norma Jean Davis says:

            I’m not bitter but I can’t stand people who think they’re better than people who is disable/handicapped, poor or homeless. Iwork from the age of 17 till I couldn’t anymore. A yes I hate not being able to as I want, My health change that. I do the best I can, But when people start saying I should have cable tv ( well mine better then cable I got Verizon FIOS) and I shouldn’t internet because I’m on S.S.I, I would been on S.S.D if it would of took them 10 yr to approve my case. Because if you have no work history within 5 trs of them approving your disability you get S.S.I instead the S.S.D that you worked and paid in. Just like it’s taking me 15 mins to type this because my eye are blurry which for me is sign of TIA aka mini stroke which their nothing they do for it. I mostly have them when ‘m sleeping and don’t realize I having them. So pray for yourself pray that God you some compassion towards people that are less fortune then you.

          • Poor little sheep. The strong will survive and the weak shall perish. The truth hurts.

          • Norma Jean Davis says:

            I survive be abused as a child and wife for most of my life I survived 3 mild strokes and congestive heart failure at the sametime. I survive people breaking into my apartment while I was home. First time was through my kitchen window when stole 95% of my food and my month supply of cigs I was sitting on my bed with my laptop and watching tv I heard nothing because of being deaf. The second time they came through my bedroom window while I was sleeping and stole the money out of my purse which was on the bed next my head and I heard nothing, BUT I SURVIVED. I survived a lot of thing most people wouldn’t. So Bitch worry about your self because God got me covered and I will survive but you probably wouldn’t with you greedy self centered I’m better then people less fortunate self DON’T TYPES ME AGAIN WITH YOUR SELF CENTER BULLSHIT.

          • wahhhh! Oh poor me!

          • You are a selfish self-entitled brat from what I have seen. Just because you have managed does not mean everyone else can. I pity you having such bitter hatred in your heart. And it is child abuse to not accept the resources out there for your disabled child unless you just make too much to get assistance for your disabled child which is the only way you would be able to function without needing SNAP to start with.

          • ses, you wouldn’t know hatred if i bit you in the rump. LOL. You KNOW me sooo well! Congrats! You deserve a cookie. Oh wait! You probably already ate the dang cookies and cake too. LOL

          • You are a bitter tart you little witch. Good thing most of America does not share your mindset!

          • Not bitter at all about anything in my life. I love my life and thank you for calling me a witch. That is exactly what I am. Literally. And proud of it.

          • Like I said. Good thing most Americans don’t share your mindset! I can only hope CPS never has to take your child away from your family for failing to peel away your arrogant pride and refusing to take the resources that are out there. And yes, you are bitter. So bitter in your arrogant pride that you have belittled those who may not be able to function independently without reaching out for the resources offered to them. There is a reason those resources exist. If you are too prideful to use them, you have no one but yourself to blame. May God have mercy on your bitter heart and soul. And that is the last thing I will say to you.

          • LOL you are a joke. Your words make me laugh.

          • Norma Jean Davis says:

            Brenda can get a disability check each month for her child it would be drawn on her husbands social security.But with her being a self center bitch she would rather her child do without then accept a check that would help her child then again like a friend of mine said she probably getting the check and food stamps and is just on here fronting that she not. And I’m with you if she not accepting the things her child can get that is child abuse to deny her child it.

          • Carole Harris says:

            Brenda, I am just flabbergasted at how cruel you are as a young woman. Are you getting medicaid and SSI for your disabled child. What if your husband dies…or leaves you for a kinder woman. How will you manage on minimum wage to support yourself and your disabled child. What if you had cancer…as my son did twice in his twenties, what would you do then.
            You are arrogant and smug because you are young and life. so far, hasn’t dealt you a series of hard knocks.

          • lyla cavanaugh says:

            I would stop smoking because of the stokes. Don’t carry a purse anymore. Just take a small wallet that can be hidden more easily. Get a gun. Ask the landlord to put bars and alarm on windows, and/or cameras. That is too dangerous a place to live. Living situation has to be habitable.

          • Norma Jean Davis says:

            I rather smoke relax then take depression, anxiety etc meds. And my landlord is helping me. I can’t get a gun because of being hospitalized for depression and nervous break downs.

          • lyla cavanaugh says:

            Shouldn’t you be taking something like Lipitor to stop the strokes?

          • Norma Jean Davis says:

            Lipitor don’t help with what causing my strokes and no I don’t need to stop smoking. Smoking don’t cause my strokes either stress and worrying how I’m going to pay my bills, buy food, and take care of my home causes my strokes along with when I lay down to rest or sleep my Bo drops to low and I’m not get blood or oxygen to my brain like I should I sure wish people would stop thinking smoking is the cause for everything. Stress is the problem and smoking helps me to relax. I wish Pennsylvania would legalize marijuana that helps to with the pain and stress.

      • lyla cavanaugh says:

        We need to get out of this situation. It wasn’t always like this. Forty years ago a family lived quite well on one person’s income. WE NEED TO DEMAND THAT NO MORE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATE FREE TRADE TREATIES ARE SIGNED. NO TPP OR ASIAN FREE TRADE AGREEMENT, specially on fast track authority in the dead of night with no one knowing what is in it. WE NEED TO PASS A BALANCED TRADE BUDGET. Right now the trade hole is growing bigger and bigger. All our money is going out of the country supporting foreigners. WE NEED TO DEMAND BALANCED TRADE.. Call representatives and tell them they will be voted out if they vote for one more free trade agreement and if they do not pass a balanced trade budget.

    • fascistamerica says:

      This is a big part pf the problem..American wages have been suppressed so bad, it’s impossible to support yourself and family on min. wage. 7.25 an hour in 2014 says it all. Most of those jobs come with no benefits or protections at work…you don’t like it? hit the pike!! is they’re attitude. Corporations hire low paying workers treat more like a piece of machinery than human beings. How are workers supposed to have a good work ethic under those conditions? Corporate America is not gonna release that strangle hold on our democracy…you gotta pay to play in Washington and they got the know..the money the workers don’t have…

  8. I will devour your progeny! Tender little Republicans fillets. Thank you Republican Party for the Bar-B-Que. Just like the ol’ Southern plantations, aye boss?

  9. assholes. all of them.

  10. These people are insane.

  11. so we are america? and we are going to take those people who are hungry and.. let them starve?

    the SNAP program, *supplemental nutritional assistance program” which recently replaced the EBT or FOODSTAMP program lowered the amounts given to recipients while streamlining the costs of the program to the state and federal governments.

    Food stamps, in this brief history :

    showing u its origins. FOOD STAMPS are one of the most innovative and world stage setting examples of american ideology. They do not deter full time job creation, they deter starvation.

    Many people, MANY people. who receive food stamps cannot do regular work.

    The Elderly, The Disabled or Handicapped, The Social Security Recipients (including single mothers and fathers), Financially Poor Students on Student Aid, and many others.

    Riddled within these parameters are those who take advantage like anything else.

    However it is my belief that students in college should receive STAMPS, that even single family home owners with children in elementary school should be able to receive stamps. It is also my belief that the PRICE ADJUSTMENTS made to food purchases protect people and show great understanding even if its cents here and there.

    I think, rather than take people who are 65 and up and receiving SNAP and abandoning them, Rather than avoiding the sicks needs or the disabled, or mentally disabled, we should improve the system. After all even if we gave A college student SNAP for 2-4 years, their first years taxes cover it.

    • younger people should get NOTHING. In college I lived on spaghetti os and had no money. It taught me that I need to work for what I got College students should get nothing . . If I could do w/out, so can they The young people today are selfish entitled pigs,. They don’t deserve any kind of welfare. Having kids you can’t afford should automatically disqualify you for stamps. We never had any kind of tax payer help way back and it needs to stay that way. I have raised my daughter to understand that being on welfare when you are young is disgraceful and you should be embarrassed. You should all hang your heads in shame. The government is not your baby daddy.

  12. Glenna Jones-Kachtik says:

    So, exactly HOW is eliminating SNAP benefits putting the poor first? Considering that most people receiving SNAP are children, the elderly, the disabled & the children; how are they supposed to eat? I assume it is fake because I am not sure there is something called the DailyLeak that is a legitimate paper.

  13. From the FAQ page: The Daily Leak is a satirical, parody website. The contents of the may not be reprinted or re-transmitted in whole or in part without the express written consent of the publisher. The Daily Leak is not intended for readers under 18 years of age.

    So while it the story is believable it isn’t true. Let us pray to God, the Tooth Fairy, or whoever, that it isn’t predictive.

  14. it might not be real, but do not think every Republican would love to gut any help for the poor. The cash assistance is already at record lows. We are not helping people. We are turning this country into a 3rd world one with the rich thriving like never before.

  15. this is fake.. there is a disclaimer from the editor that this is a satirical posting.

  16. “…We need to put poor people first and lower costs,”

    Does Gardner even understand that this sentence is oxymoronic? I’m curious what these ‘put poor people first capitalism type programs to benefit the poor’ look like, as last I heard, the driver behind capitalism was profit and the poor don’t have any money to spend.

  17. Bad news for Walmart employees and others who have to live on pauper wages. And as the bodies of those who die of starvation collect in the streets, a new
    revolutionary food called Soylent Green makes its appearance…

    • I have no problem with people who work full time getting help. Anyone that does not work should be left to fend for themselves. Maybe going to bed on a hungry belly will motivate them to get a damn job. Too many young leeches these days.

      • That’s a pretty broad brush you’re using. Are you including the elderly and those who are physically or mentally disabled? Then there are the disabled veterans and their families as well as countless single parents with children, many of whom are homeless and/or living in vehicles or motel rooms. Like I said, if all of the above were suddenly cut off from food stamps, there would soon be dead bodies piling up.

  18. Bottom dwelling sheep humpers and goat castrators. At least they’re Pro-Life and raw bullshit eaters.

  19. Koch Suckers and Compassion Eliminators. Tea baggers are soulless ghouls.

  20. The story placed in this way is told to be false by Snopes. What is not false has been the intents of some to dump SNAP, Medicaid and Medicare and to privatise Social Security. This is clear from excerpts from public utterances by Republican piliticos. While the story quoted above is fake, the sentiments behind that satire are not fake. For the next two years Obama vetoes will save us. Beyond that we must work like hell to elect a Democratic President and purge the Congress of Republicans.

  21. Can you say veto

  22. The story is fake, but all the welfare programs need to be reformed. There is NO personal responsibility anymore. Welfare was not meant to carry you through life while you make one bad choice after another. There are too many moms that are staying home, not working while needing public assistance. Too many college students using the program to get through school. This was not the way it was intended to be used. It was meant to be temporary, now we have families popping out one kid after another, and they can’t afford to , so they use up all the welfare programs. People are not even responsible for feeding their own kids anymore as they are fed breakfast and lunch in schools. Years ago, we all had to feed our own, and if we could not afford it, we picked up another job. Sorry people, but cuts should be made.

  23. I am all for this, except in rare situations when someone is truly disabled, old or sick. The rest of you find a way to feed your family. If I was responsible and did not have kids before I could afford them, so can you. I am tired of enabling irresponsibility.

    • Didn’t you already have your say? Your opinion is in the minority, thankfully, because most Americans realize that there are a lot of “truly disabled” people in this country. Many disabilities are growing, for example as people live longer a large percentage of older Americans have mobility impairments, another example is the consistent rise in the numbers of children with Autism and the cause is still unknown. I have several family members who were/are severely disabled, my brother had cerebral palsy and couldn’t walk or talk or even feed himself and he died when he was only 15. My aunt taught school and was principal but she became ill with a rare form of dementia that left her blind and completely incompetent, she can’t even feed herself or brush her own teeth. It’s just amazing to me how selfish and ignorant people are, especially the people who call out their own family members (who probably are actually disabled) because they themselves are so petty and jealous and childish and grudging.

  24. Ruben Chandler says:

    kill us……….we kill you. that simple mofos

  25. Also takes away food from our service men and women, and their children.

    People need to VOTE them out in 2016. The mid-terms this year is what swung the balance of power to the GOP SENATE, and CONGRESS. If people don’t get out in 2016, we can ALL kiss it goodbye, as they will continue to eliminate ALL monies from the 99% of the nation. Only the rich will survive, that is the plan. Look it up, study, and VOTE pure blue DEMOCRAT TO SAVE US.

  26. Hikerdudette says this is a fake news story. I checked with a link to CNN below that claims it’s the same text but ‘changed’ to fit the Food Stamp issue…. I found ONE paragraph ‘lifted’ from CNN but that’s hardly a case to deem the above article ‘fake’….Especially since I remember Senator Perdue making the statement in ‘quotes’ above. The current budget that’s in the Senate (passed by the house) does have some SNAP cuts…

  27. Don’t they realize that the majority of food stamp recipients are in red states?

  28. sapereaudeprime says:

    No hellish execution is too horrible for these soulless catamites of Mammon. Let them be gang-raped to death by baboons and hyenas on the Mall around the Washington Monument. Let their children and grandchildren be thrown into log chippers. Exterminate them genetically.

  29. Kathleen Quinlan says:

    Yes, lets not feed the needy here in the U.S. and drop more care packages in other countries…Honestly I think they are on crack!!!!!

  30. Even though it sounds plausible, it is fake. Check out the other stories listed here, just the lead in should tell you they aren’t for real.

  31. disqus_0Q4r0Q5oyz says:

    It better be a fake story, otherwise Purdue will not get sleep during his term….He will have to be aware that if people can’t get jobs, which in his state, there aren’t any jobs , (Georgia) he can’t expect for unemployed people not only be unemployed and have nothing to feed their families with. Do I hear lawlessness and higher crime to take effect? Idiots!!!!!

  32. Andrew Von Pelt III says:

    ooh yes the republicans clearly are putting poor people first as they stated…

  33. Senator Perdue did say what the article said. That’s NOT fake.

  34. What. The. Fuck. Is a free market “solution” to a government program? The whole reason the government program exists in the first place is because the free market fails these people in the first place.

    • lyla cavanaugh says:

      The free market has not failed, politicians have deliberately sent our jobs off shore to placate the rich international corporations who give them campaign contributions. We have to take our government back. Politicians actually voted for tax breaks for these corporations to invert and go off shore. America has never been more corrupt. But if we get this stopped our jobs will come back and none of us will need any more welfare or food stamps, period.

  35. Debbi Meyers-brant says:

    i do not think it is real, i get 60.00 in them i have ms and st 3 cancer i worked all my life , i was a hospice rn, and 911 i can not do it now , i do not drive , my hubby did , he past away i feb, now if you want tot drive me , and can find a job thar i can have off every mon, wed and fir to do my 5 diff chemo’s that i pay for bill as of now 96,0000 i send what i can out of my 700.00 a month , you call me and i will go

  36. Shoplifting is a free market solution.

  37. Make it go away says:

    Why don’t you stop the $4000+ in corporate subsidies you take out of our paychecks and raise taxes on corporations, oh wait that’s who you work for….

  38. Caeser Exavier says:

    Just sign a pledge to raise minimum wage , I’m sure the two will even each other out.

  39. that sounds like the gop,starve Americans and buy more shit to kill Ppl with.

  40. fascistamerica says:

    Oh..that guy said it was fake so ok…who’s the irresponsible cock sacker spewing this poison then?

  41. The Dept of Agriculture replaced government commodities with Food Stamps (now SNAP, WIC, SSNP, etc.) because they wanted to have grocers and others in the free market food chain have government assistance through the Agriculture’s assistance to farmers, and have welfare through the free market, rather than give those price fixing subsidies to farmers only!

  42. Conservatives are so ridiculous I almost believed this at first. WHEW!

  43. nationof gandhis says:

    600 billion for war… and more will come

  44. Why sure, just cut off the food supply of 1/3 of the Puerto Rican population surviving under depression conditions and neoliberal austerity. I agree with Jayde.

  45. Do Not eliminate it make it like it was when I was a kid on welfare. Box of cheese powdered milk, large can of apple sauce, peanut butter Etc. and about 50% of the money they get now.

    • Norma Jean Davis says:

      A single person on welfare gets 205. a month and about 150. in food stamps try living on that alone paying all your or at least trying to asshole it not easy and then being disable try to get S.S.I OR S.S.D and it take a bunch of doctor and a years took me 10yrs. More homeless people on the streets more people stealing food and stuff they need to survive. SMH

  46. Idiots

  47. Yeah! And why don’t we eliminate Social Security while we’re at it. After all, the military industrial establishment needs more money to fight foreign and domestic terrorists, not to mention all the other boogeymen CNN, Fox News, CBS, ABC, NBC and mainstream media routinely expose.

  48. Thaddeus Kozubal says:

    I think the entire framer aid program should be abolished, then that money could be distributed to the needy hungry of the country instead of the rich farmer corporations. The farmer corporations don’t look very hungry to me.

  49. This is a spoof, but believable, considering Republican attitudes.

  50. Going to see a lot of thefts on the rise.

  51. “We need to repeal the SNAP program and replace it with more affordable free market solutions”

    Actually, Perdue said: “We need to repeal Obamacare and replace it with more affordable free market solutions”

    Democrats are getting desperate.

    • You must be employed, have never been out of work for any great period of time, never been hungry, and I am not speaking of between meals hunger; I am referring to hunger as a state of life. Hunger that prevails for months and years at a time. The state of hunger that forces the hungry to steal a loaf of bread or whatever one can get away with, lest they are caught and sent to jail where the meals are better than nothing. Yeah, you and your ignorant ilk don’t get it. What would a “free market solution” look like. After all, the “free market” is responsible for the condition of those in need of food stamps.

  52. The Food Stamp Program was originally designed to allow Americans to pre-purcahse stamps that allowed them a major discount on SELECTED products that our nation’s farmers had a surplus of. We had farmers with too much food and a nation going hungry. This program was NEVER intended to allow a person a free pass in the grocery store. Right now the persons utilizing food stamps are eating better than most of us, its amazing. The problem is SNAP/food stamps are accepted at: Papa John’s, Schwan’s Home Delivery, Omaha Steaks, 711, Costco, Whole Foods, Wild Oats, Sunflower Markets and Trader Joe’s. If this program could be re-created to more closely mimic the WIC program, then we’d be fixing a broken system. When person utilizing food benefits are only allowed to purchase day old items and generic brands then we won’t have SO many people trying to get on and stay on the best food ride in history. Perhaps this program needs to have a maximum like unemployment: you can utilize benefits for 2 years every 10 years (elderly/disabled not included). Take away the sushi, cakes, cooked meals and salads, premium coffee, fresh lobster/crab/shrimp/scallops and filet mignons and it will be amazing how the participants disappear. Americans do NOT know poverty or hunger. If you own a flatscreen, game system, have cable or internet – you’re NOT poor. Hunger is when you’re so hungry beans and rice look amazing. In Oregon, you cash in cans for real money – cans food stamps bought puts cash in peoples hands and then there’s those on benefits who purchase LOTS of cases of cheap soda so they can pour out the contents, cash in the cans and buy their beer. The program as-is is so flawed it must be disabled and re-created in a capacity to assist citizens and non-citizens alike.

    • A lot of people using the SNAP program do buy generic brands…and use coupons. Not all people utilizing the welfare system are bad. Just like not all Republicans are bad.

    • Norma Jean Davis says:

      Excuse your sorry ass I worked from the age of 17 till I no longer could I think I have the right to have tv and internet and I do buy generic brands food. I buy what is the cheapest except in hamburger I buy the good stuff because if I’m going to buy a pound of hamburger I want a pound of it after I cook it not buy the cheap shit you buy a pound fry it and all you have left is a 1/4 of a pound and a lot of fucking grease lmao. If a person worked most of their life and is now disable doesn’t mean they should not have a life. I hate to see what happens when you self righteous people become disable the way you feel and type you better kill your self before you become disable.

  53. This is despicable.
    I can’t join the DemocraticParty but I sure as hell can’t remIn with

  54. It’s disheartening that the voters who put these wastes of protoplasm in Congress don’t understand an ongoing pattern of ABSOLUTE LIES from the right over the past 35 years. From the Reagan Shit Machine to the Teabaggers today, there has been a chronic and serial pattern of LIES from them, usually the OPPOSITE of reality.

  55. Diana Reichardt says:

    These Jack as*** best leave the food programs alone, obviously the Koch Brothers have planted their seeds well. We are supposedly the “best” country and we CAN afford to help OUR less fortunate and if they insist we can not. THEY can take a cut in pay. They do not deserve what they are paid.

  56. Naomi Davison Rouse says:

    I say we start a petition to eliminate the New Republican Senators Dependency on Public Monetary Support Program!

  57. They take food stamps away and they wonder why people shoplift and steal to get food for their families…and most people wont hire anyone who has a record either and thats not fair either…so they really need to re think this…more people will end up in prisons or facilities where they will get 3 meals and a place to sleep!!!

  58. Auroarah Summers says:

    You can bet these slackers won’t miss any Gourmet meals.

  59. the nation is going to have a lot more hungry people.

  60. “The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is an overreaching federal program that has actually worsened the nutritional standards in this nation and increased costs. I am one of the millions of Americans who wish this program would end. To make matters worse, SNAP benefits are discouraging full-time job creation. We need to repeal the SNAP program and replace it with more affordable free market solutions,” That is not an elimination, but making a better program.

  61. From this website itself:
    “The Daily Leak is a satirical, parody website. “

  62. Nothing in anything they said makes any sense at all!

  63. James Hendrixs says:

    Our entire system is corrupt, and all the power players are corrupt. It will only get worse. I have lost all faith in America, and the people who are presented to us as leaders, the are bought, and paid for shills of a corrupt elite. Welcome to the nightmare years – our country in in it’s twilight years.

  64. White Teatard Jeebus approves.

  65. Daily (anal) Leak is an attempt at satire. Please do not pay it any attention. I’m a very liberal democrat and when we are presented with lies disguised as the truth it only weakens our argument. In fact, without giving this site any scrutiny, could be a Republican disinformation ploy.

  66. Ok, ok, everyone. Let’s take a step back, breathe, and loosen our sphincter muscles just a little bit…not enough to shit but at least enough to fart and clear the air. Ok? 🙂

  67. This is what they told the voters when they ran for office, right?

  68. In the famous words of actor Craig T Nelson … “I was on welfare and food stamps, did anyone ever help me out? No.”

  69. obadiahorthodox says:

    The Daily Leak is a satirical, parody website.

  70. Mark H. Vosburgh says:

    When are these ignorant, arrogant creatures going to realize that the free market system they espouse is what is destroying the majority of us? When we finally stop being so stupid, as to vote ANY of them into office, that’s when . . . .

  71. If you HAVE TO ASK if something so HORRIBLE is true well there is your basis for the people you are asking about. Republicans are truly awful “human beings”.

  72. Obama will veto anything as cruel as this.

  73. I’ll wager that every one of these dimwits has issued statements regarding the Taliban’s latest atrocities. And they are indeed atrocious. How many American children will die if they have no food to eat? More than 150? Yeah. Meet the American Taliban.

  74. Where in the US Constitution or the Bill of
    Rights is the dictate that the Welfare of the Rich and Corporations
    supersedes/trumps the Welfare of All the People. I am having a hard time here… good news, bad
    news, up and down, so tired of the emotional role-coaster. Bad news: Senate
    approves Wall Street taking our pensions, savings, and backing up their
    gambling to the tune of $303 trillion. Senate approves retroactive
    tax expenditures of $46 billion bringing up the total of giveaways to the rich
    and corporations to $3 trillion. The Fed is thinking of raising the interest
    rates which will only take more money away from the public. Major cuts in Food
    Stamps in the spending bill, and new Republican Senators take pleasure in
    cutting even more food costs increasing the number of children that are hungry
    and homeless. Good News: The Democratic Senate appoints lifelong Judges to the
    courts and opens up relations with Cuba, is that enough for the price of
    driving America into a 3rd world country? Where in the US Constitution or the Bill of
    Rights is the dictate that the Welfare of the Rich and Corporations
    supersedes/trumps the Welfare of All the People?

  75. We should really regulate the writing of satire. So very many people haven’t the slightest clue how to write it. Or, I suspect, they just like spreading disinformation and then slapping the “satire” label on it when people complain.

  76. This “joke” is not funny

  77. It says so much about America that every single day in so many real and fake news sources, the claim is continually made the the US President decides when to raise any taxes.

  78. icant understand why oil companies get subsifdies when we are 18 trillion in debt ?and why we spend 585 billion on the defense department ,when our people are going with out ?our tax
    es are for funding people programs not weapons for the few to drop bombs on other poor brown people ?doesnt make any senses cut your salaries and benefits and retirement for life and there espouses /.why dont yu cut all foriegn aid to isreal ?and other nations .why cut programs that feed our poor ,damn what hypocrisy ?when theses folks are the ones whoses states are on the list of burden states in dicksie /7dicksie states get welfare at the rate of 2.75 for every dollar they pay in? and 62 percent of folks onwelfare are white,?22 percent black ,and 10 percent brown folks,7SOUTHERN STATES WOULD STARVE IF FOOD STAMPS WERE CUT OF TO SAVE NMONEY FOR THE ILLIONARES TA THE KOCH BREOTHERS AND THE PTHJER BILLIONARES DONT CUT SNAP ASSHOLES

  79. These are the same people that worry so much about the unborn but could give a rats ass for the living. May I add by far, many more Southern red states folk rely on public assistance than northern and eastern folk and yet these people keep voting for the party that will take away the programs they use. Yet they continue to vote red.

  80. Because the free market did such a wonderful job of taking care of the elderly and poor prior to the creation of the snap program. Only in some alternate universe that doesn’t resemble real history is that remotely true.

  81. Let them eat cake- Marie Antoinette

  82. Friedmanist scum….

  83. If this is a joke designed to provoke rage…it worked

  84. Merry X-mas. How “christian” of them, STARVING THE ELDERLY WOMEN AND CHILDREN!

  85. GOP sends them to war. Doesn’t support their welfare or take care of their families, denies them health care benefits via the VA which the GOP refuses to fund. Now isn’t this ironic, GOP sends them to war but refuses to take care of them? WTF?

  86. Stephen koziol says:

    The only people that will take issue with this are the free loading lazy fucks who don’t wanna work and enjoy a free ride. I’m all for it….

    • Norma Jean Davis says:

      I’m not lazy I’m disable I’m legally deaf almost blind from stroke and most days it’s all I can do to walk to the bathroom. It’s mutha fucking cock sucking low life sorry ass son of bitches like you that needs a clue it’s not just people who are lazy getting food stamps what about the disabled, elderly, and Veterans who needs food stamps should they just die and make it easy on your sorry ass. And I have a big problem with this and so should you and you going to buy food for you grand parents if and when they need the help.

  87. Vickie Hartley says:

    People will believe anything they read or are told..That the big problem in America…We just keep being played as fools!!! The uninformed are the problem!!!

  88. Dear Republican Senators: May Karma kick your collective asses into poverty so that you may experience the pain and desolation you have wrought.

  89. Yes, this is satire. But just the thought of having to work for a living scares the crap out of you lazy-ass welfare suckers, doesn’t it. 😉

    • Norma Jean Davis says:

      Daniel I’m not lazy I’m disable I’m legally deaf almost blind from stroke and most days it’s all I can do to walk to the bathroom. It’s mutha fucking cock sucking low life sorry ass son of bitches like you that needs a clue it’s not just people who are lazy getting food stamps what about the disabled, elderly, and Veterans who needs food stamps should they just die and make it easy on your sorry ass.

  90. Charles Bingham says:

    Did new Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) sign on with this? He’s not listed in the story.


  92. How dare they eat their meals each day in a publicly funded cafeteria while even having a passing though of removing the very food program that allows Children and Senior Citizens to have a healthy meal. The very thought of ending this Outstanding food program is sickening. I’m positive each of those senators wants defense spending to go up again. They will more than likely vote to increase their Senator incomes again as well. We must call and write to insure they keep their grubby little hands off SNAP.


  94. Doublespeaking devils. Im gonna start building guillotines to meet the demand. Hows that for freemarket fuckers?

  95. Jenny Faithfilled Reed says:

    Just one question…ARE YOU STUPID!

  96. What about the elderly on Food Stamps? What about the extremely disabled vets on Food Stamps? Will the churches step up and start buying food for these people? I think not.

  97. This is a fake news story. But I wouldn’t put this past them. Republicans hate and despise the poor. They hate poor Americans more then they do Islamic terrorist hellbent on killing us.

  98. Um. Okay. Then what will happen to the 78 billion in sales on food items, and all the jobs connected to grocery? This won’t happen!

  99. Josh Weinstein says:

    Of course this is a SATIRE website! But doesn’t it speak volumes that a satire website could put out a story like this and tens of thousands of people think it is REAL??? Because this is not too far off from Republican Party goals! They would like to eliminate all social programs and use the savings to give tax cuts to the rich. They believe that cutting taxes for the rich will solve every problem facing America. And if a few million poor people, including many children, have to starve to death, then that is an acceptable tradeoff to the Republicans.

  100. How did 10 Republicans ((if true ))
    equal 100% of all Republicans…???
    and Obama actually cut 8.7 Billion From Food Stamps Program

  101. This is a sad story for the poor and needy. I do believe politicians in this country will not rest until our cities are littered with people begging for food in the streets.

  102. Sangolade Prather says:

    It would be wise to put a new program in place before voting out the old. Like lowering their wages to help the economy. Everything effects those in need and those with money stay on top…

  103. Is this an joke, its probably not. Why are these people so obsessed with cutting programs that help the poor and the majority of Red States? They don’t get it in 2 years they’ll be a minority again and these same idiots will face at least an 94% voter turnout in 4 years instead of a 33% turnout SMH. REPUBLICANS don’t get it leave Socail issues and policies out of any plans

  104. Welfare should be for the “needy” and not the “greedy.” At the end of the day, people must own up to their stewardship and produce in whatever way they can.
    Go help and volunteer at a soup kitchen or at a shelter to show that you deserve every penny earned.
    I think people who are in need should be helped. But not to assist in them being lazy, or unproductive.
    “Blessed are the poor in spirit. ” Genuine poor who really needs assistance.

  105. I’m pretty sure it’s a fake story. Look at some of the side stories: Chris Brown Punched Bieber At A Party For Flirting With Rihanna : North Korea Threatens Sony Global HQ in Japan With Nuclear Force: Senator Marco Rubio fears influx of tourists will cause Cuba to tip over : Mr. Belding asks Saved By the Bell cast to hold intervention for Screech — no one shows

    Yeah. I’m pretty sure it’s fake.

  106. Reader. It is beyond obvious that men and women of this hate-frothing caliber are elected at our peril. The are uninformed where they are not misinformed and malfeasant where where not wholly insane. We’re not served! We are betrayed as working people and citizens by persons not having our best interest at heart and in the employ of the obscenely rich! How can this end well and of love. It cannot! Oppose the religious right! They think it’s stupid to be _smart_ and evil to be _good_.

  107. Of course they are, because only they deserve to eat and afford health, housing, and the basic necessities of life. It almost doesn’t matter if it is a fake story or not because it is the way of the republican party, particularly run by the tea party. They have no concern whatsoever for the poor, the elderly, the disabled, or the military veteran in need. I am blessed to have left my lifetime of dedication to them since they are not in the least bit dedicated to me.

  108. “. . . affordableFree market solutions”? Translates into “criminalize the poor, eliminate them with starvation. What poverty problem?”

  109. Translation: “We’re not making any money off of SNAP benefits now, so we have to give the program to a private company that can give us kickbacks.”

  110. Dennis Hendrix says:

    Well, this is one that may bite them in their collective asses. Deny a person the basic rights to anything and everything, including feeding his or her family and all bets are off. You think there is a problem in the streets now? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet would be my guess.

  111. Alexander Seredin says:

    We could afford many more social programmes if we could eliminate the free loaders like you bastards

  112. The privatization of America is the sole reason for this bullshit. The Repugs, are working for greedy corporations that want to profit on the poor by ripping off the taxpayers.

  113. Greedy avarice tic clouts. If they do that then they had better take a pay cut themselves.

  114. Isn’t that what Jesus said? “Let the free-market help the poor.” Can any bible scholars help me with that?

  115. Okay… to all the midwestern senators who signed this pledge… How much does the agriculture industry in your states BENEFIT from this program? (That’s why it’s been hard to kill funding… urban districts benefit along with rural districts.)

    As for full-time job creation… how about we fine the employers whose employees rely on government assistance? How many Wal-Mart employees use SNAP? How much does Wal-Mart cost each state in benefits because they pay lousy wages?

    (And how about passing job creation legislation, instead of blocking it to score political brownie points?)

    Of course, if they really want to apply free market idealism, then start with the farm subsidy program. $20 Billion to shore up prices (like sugar) and to line the pockets of corporate farms.

  116. This sounds like an actual Republican position. They have been cutting funding to Snap every chance they get, and some have made it clear they do want to do away with it. If it is just a joke, it doesn’t even qualify as very poor taste. But until we hear guarantees otherwise, it needs to be believed and we need to get ready for a very nasty fight with those who don’t care at all about the poor, disabled, homeless, elderly, veterans, etc.

  117. What, specifically, and I want details, are “free market solutions to feeding the nation”? Also, how do snap bennies hurt full time job creation? Lots of blather with no actual concrete examples or proposals. Typical con by cons.

  118. It is time that we forced ALL Republican politicians to live on the street for at least 3 months during really crappy weather, with absolutely NO access to their big bank accounts. They need to spend 90 days cold, wet, hungry and absolutely broke…it looks like it will take forcing them to experience true pain for an extended period before they’ll ever be able to govern correctly rather than behaving like they’re in a damn banana republic.

  119. Favorite Republican Game. “Stomp The Poor.” By Greedco

  120. One per-centers to the rest: “We’ll trickle down what we think you need and you’ll like it!”

  121. Well why as a single person with education and making just few box over minimum wage I have to pay taxes to feed a teenager irrisponsible decision?

  122. Republican scum need to be forced to work for 7 dollars an hour. And only be paid when they work

  123. Hey Boehner and McConnell and all of your Pay-Per-Vote™ gang… nota bene.

  124. Matthew Langham says:

    More Propaganda designed to divide our nation.

  125. It would be nice if these a$$holes would tell us exactly what kind of free market solutions they’re talking about.
    Our government has spent 400….yes, 400 billion dollars on a stealth plane whose guns won’t even fire. And these clowns want to cut the SNAP program???? What have they been smoking?

  126. If you want to eliminate the food stamp program you need to make sure everyone that can work has a job!!!

  127. Sigh. People like griping so much, they will even read The Onion and say it is real. I have ebt and am less panicked than any of you who have never even seen an ebt card. Look at the other “articles” on the original site (the only ONE “source” for this fake tale) and you will see it’s just a sick joke.

  128. Pam Rukiddingme says:

    For God said unto the masses, fuck the poor! The wealthy need vacation homes!

  129. Thankfully, this is a satirical website though it wouldn’t surprise me if they tried. They are just a bunch of hypocritical idiots who could never understand why the disabled, the elderly, the veterans and the active duty, let alone those who work full time jobs but make well under the legal living wage that minimum wage is supposed to provide would need to resort to trying to get help from organizations only to be referred to the SNAP program. What with them not working but way less time than most minimum wage earners yet making enough money that they live in cushy houses, drive cushy cars, eat food most people have never been able to dream of, and getting their healthcare for free because of tax payers, why should they understand? They do nothing but argue about everything, threaten the disabled and the veterans, try to take away whatever healthcare we have, yet liberally give to corporations who are padding their pockets, yet they make enough to cover 41 people having a BCBS Gold plan in Alabama. They also claim to be Christians but bash the president. They have failed Christianity 101-Matthew 25:31-46 and Romans 13. These are the heartless idiots people chose though.

  130. BULLIES LOVE TO PICK ON THE WEAK AND HELPLESS Someone needs to wise these fucktards to the fact THAT THEY ARE NOT IN HIGH SCHOOL ANYMORE PUNK ASS BITCHES!!!. Up shoot we still have the presidents VETO POWER to stop this crap and thank the gods the moron AKA Tea party traitors electorate did not give the fucktards a super majority to over ride it So they can huff and puff and then shove it straight lol up there combined asses because THAT IS ALL THERE GOING TO BE ABLE TO DO …THANK YOU MISTER PRESIDENT!!!!

  131. Jane Musselman says:

    do you be lave this bull shite I bet you this is cooked up by the liberals and democrats

  132. republicans want people to starve to death while they chew food and yell racist shit.

  133. huntermike989 says:

    I think I’ll be buying a couple 1000 more rounds of ammo. These people are pretty much uncivilized on a full stomach, and will turn downright zombie when they get a little bit hungry.

  134. Russell Spears says:

    Come on…times are hard and we need to divert money to corporate bailouts. .. why don’t poor people understand ?????
    I trust people will continue to be confused by this….

  135. Katherine Alexander says:

    Lol … this is no “fake” news story. My God in heaven, it’s no wonder the Republicans have made such strides with so many really stupid Americans to help them further their agenda.

  136. Is this true? It sounds true, but probably is not.

  137. John Anderson says:

    how about appealing the farm subsidy programs too then?

  138. John Anderson says:

    all this money goes to retailers because every dime gets spent how it should. A far cry from how the DOD does things

  139. Ha Ha Ha not a chance in hell.Obama will get out the veto pen.More wasted time on behalf of the retards..Conservatives are asshole nut cases.

  140. mary k mckay says:

    What are their “free market solutions” ? Turn it over to the States to solve, like they did with the mentally ill.? Let’s see their plan before they start tearing down SNAP,

  141. Paul Beauregard says:

    There are enough scary things emanating from the Republican Right, without a shit site like this adding to it by spreading disinformation. There is no humor or sarcasm here, you’re leading already scared, angry people to a more scared and angry place. PLEASE STOP.

  142. They would never do that all that money go’s through the poor but ends up in the pocket of Kroger walmart and corporate agribusiness snap is walfare for the poor and the super wealthy…….sacred cow not Goin anywhere

  143. mid city guy says:

    thats right … if you’re not working; grab your gun and go hunting … god’s bounty is waiting for you. sarah palin will be delivering roadkill stew.

  144. This is fake, right?

  145. Steve Oakley says:

    fine, raise the minimum wage to $15-$18/hr. then a lot of people getting assistance wouldn’t need it. get walmart et al to pay THEIR fair share in taxes too…. or we could kill the F35 fighter just program and have plenty of cash to take care of everyone needs help.

  146. Fox In The Hen-House says:

    What part of working two jobs won’t in-anyway-pay all the modern poor-persons bills Washington don’t understand ?

  147. Sandi Burkhart Mutchler says:

    “There is a right way and a wrong to improve our country’s
    welfare system, and the President’s policies just aren’t working. We
    need to put poor people first and lower costs,” Senator Gardner said in a
    statement. This picture is a wall of shame. Snap has been a program for 50 years, but now it is Obama’s program that is a problem? 96.8% n 2013, SNAP annual payment accuracy was 96.8% which is a record high. According to the census bureau, SNAP lifted 5 million Americans,including 2.2 million children in 2012. $1=$1.8 in economic activity for every dollar in new SNAP. Up to 10% Participating in SNAP for 6 months decreased food insecurity up to 10% including households with children. I thinnk if they really want to make an impact Congress needs to use Medicare insurance and rely on Social Security for retirement like the people who pay their salary do. I am sure it would save this nation much more than $78 billion they want to defund from the children who still go to bed hungry at night. Shameful to say you want to “put poor people first” then defund a program that as fed hungry families for 50 years.

  148. Nancy Louise Fowler Warren says:

    What about the old and disabled

  149. This is a satire page! Bunch of idiots!

  150. Christopher Donald says:

    What is a free market solution for feeding people that cannot afford to feed themselves?

  151. These people are pure, 100% hate-filled FILTH! The Republicans have slashed funding for food banks and food stamps, and they now want people to do without food altogether. They need to look at the statistics: most recipients are working or retired/disabled. Those working work 40-60 hours per week, but usually at minimum wage or slightly above. These slimeballs are discriminating because those poor are not in the top 1% on wealth.

  152. Michael Hill says:

    This is a fake story. It is a satire website.

  153. Even if it is a real story, these leeches would never put their political careers on the line like that. This is fake.

  154. Sheesh people – do some research before reading something so outlandish.

  155. Really? My BIL is disabled, cannot work, has been turned down repeatedly for Social Security and relies on SNAP and the Mental Health Association to barely survive. I guess he’s just supposed to starve to death now? Cruel heartless unbelievable disconnect. Lankford said he was going to lead based onon Biblical principles. What part of the Bible is this based on???

  156. You really want to solve the problem of Food Stamps? Stop giving the corporations that continue to pay lower wages tax breaks and incentives to KEEP THE WAGES LOW…..Walmart is one of the biggest culprits, since they don’t pay taxes….they get it all back in those breaks and incentives…..We the people actually PAY FOR WALMART TO BASICALLY COLLECT WELFARE.

  157. this is a satire site The Daily Leak is a satirical, parody website. The contents of the may not be reprinted or re-transmitted in whole or in part without the express written consent of the publisher. The Daily Leak is not intended for readers under 18 years of age.

    The Daily Leak uses invented names in all its stories, except in cases where public figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental.

  158. Ok so what do we mean by free market solutions? What will happen to all the service men and women who are paid too little and need foodstamp assistance even when buying at the PX? What will happen to working poor husband and wife who work but who God may have blessed with two children Should we let them go hungry? Come on put up or shut up

  159. Who cares…they can all vote and then lose. They cant override Obama’s vetoes, so let them pass whatever crazy bills they want.

  160. In this case, the free market solution is starvation.

  161. Notice, they don’t offer any specifics. The plan is to stop food stamps(900,000 military need them as well as the poor) and worry about how they eat later. Besides, haven’t the GOP spent years applauding Sarah Palin’s attacks on the democrats’ efforts to educate Americans about better nutrition while she takes her Big Gulp with her everywhere she goes? Now they say they’re concerned about nutrition?

  162. Lorraine Marie Messineo says:

    I suggest constituents begin showing up at their homes for supper and at their state house for breakfast and lunch after they cut the stamps.

  163. Mr President Sir! says:

    I had already read the politofact check before I saw it. However the only thing that sounded off in the article from possible reality was the time frane. This year would be sooner than I would think even they would think they could get it done. Atleast not 100% of them would /should be that ignorant!


  165. And there’s Tom Cotton, again. He’s the new Louis Gohmert.

  166. Please refer to the FAQ section of this website, which clearly states it is a SATIRICAL website, FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY…. SMH…

  167. Rhonda Dykes Rivette says:

    The Daily Leak is one of a growing number of websites that run “satire” — or more accurately, fake news. This story is false.

  168. Ketrick Lehmann says:

    I don’t if it is satire when it something that could obviously show up in tomorrow’s NY Times with the full support of Tea baggers everywhere

  169. Where is there “compassionate conservatism?” They are heartless. Even with SNAP or food stamps, people who are poor or “underemployed” have to go to food banks, ask for handouts, steal food and even beg sometimes. The “job creators” are not creating jobs in this country, they are not paying their fair share of taxes. They all suffer from “greed addiction.” The almighty “invisible hand of the free market” is supposed to help the poor. Well it never has and never will.

  170. It is a hoax. Please don’t get upset. It’s not real. just a hoax.

  171. Loretta Ores says:

    What You White Folks Don’t Understand Is These Government Dollars Feed Your Mothers, Sisters Aunts, Grandmothers CHILDREN, YOUR KIN, NOT MINE!!!!!

  172. Perhaps if these lawmakers were required to do the following: 1. Live a year on Minimum Wage, 2. Require their children to be drafted into the military, 3. Eat at Soup Kitchens when they ran out of money from 40 hours a week at minimum wage, they would change their tune? Pro-war, pro-rich, pro-death, pro-Military Industrial Complex, Anti women, Anti peace, Anti fairness, Anti Poor, Anti black, anti immigrant… wtf? How did the UNITED STATES of AMERICA get to this point?

  173. Look..there are so many programs and people are on more than one.. Democrats like to use these programs to get people to vote for them.. Why don’t you Check out Harry Reid.. they went after Bundy.. Why? Well, Harry Reid and his son got a big kick back from a Chinese Company.. Some people are collect $30,000.00 or more a year from different programs and are not looking for jobs thanks to obama changing the Unemployment Laws that Clinton signed into Law.. So maybe if the democrat voter got the real truth they wouldn’t be so eager to vote Democrat.. under obama 27 million more people signed up.. Obama has advertised in Spanish for food stamps and other programs.. Obama has advertised in countries south of the Border for these programs.. THAT IS WHY 100’S OF THOUSANDS INVADED OUR COUNTRY AND OBAMA SHIPPED THEM TO DIFFERENT STATES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.. and I am not a Republican but a conservative Democrat.. so stop the lies of the liberals..

  174. Many people should learn more about their people before complain.. so these democrats can afford to buying the votes of the less fortunate.. they don’t try to help them .. just throw crumbs instead of getting them self-sufficient by job training.. HERE IS SOME INFORMATION ABOUT DIANNE FIENSTIEN: (EVEN THOUGH HE WAS NOT THE LOWEST BIDDER)

    Sen. Diane Feinstein’s husband Richard Blum won a construction contract for California’s high-speed rail project, reports the California Political Review.

  175. Could we just kill all Republicans? Lets hope “God” “Raptures” ALL OF THEM!

  176. Beth Menstell says:

    I know this an older post that is still circulating-sooo..what are the “more affordable programs” they have? Remember-they are not willing to tax their wealthy donors, but rail about President Obama “raising taxes”-odd math/fuzzy logic or the lack thereof. Where is this “more affordable program” coming from and how is it going to be funded? Cutting social security? Cutting Medicare? Cutting funding for education? Well of course!

  177. Starving Kids nor Hungry Parents vote Republican, so Screw ’em ! Standard GOP Policy for 40-odd years !

  178. Amanda McCollum Atchison says:


    The Daily Leak is a satirical, parody website. The contents of the may not be reprinted or re-transmitted in whole or in part without the express written consent of the publisher. The Daily Leak is not intended for readers under 18 years of age.

    The Daily Leak uses invented names in all its stories, except in cases where public figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental.

  179. GeorgiaboiDuke Thomas says:

    Lol y’all trying to start another riot Fr

  180. To cut it would be madness and turning our cheeks away from the people who do need it, it needs fixing, weed out the lazy users, set deadlines on who do need it, I personally don’t get them ,I’m jobless.and have been homeless and yet I don’t get them or any welfare , but they need to weed out all the bad lazy people getting hand outs, fast and start now, cause time is what we don’t have, this economy will collapse, it’s just a matter of time. So let’s do what ever it takes to fix this shit, left wing, right wing, work together for Christ sakes cause I thank we all fail off the eagle here. But let’s not start riots and some chaos before the chaos, thank this through, Senator’s that why we have you there . Do what ever it takes but fix it. Or this will lead to fear and confusion, first sign of a economy collapsing is cutting welfare, and that leads to chaos, thank it through please, cause if y’all don’t I won’t need a to buy a gun to protect myself, I’ll be able to pry one from someone’s dead cold hand to do so, from the freaking mess that will be on the streets.

    GOD bless everyone,
    just my thought on this mess.

  181. OK… Our politicians have gone so completely crazy that it is impossible to satirize them anymore.. I mean they are parodies of themselves. You can’t tell the difference between satire and the crazy nonsense they do…

  182. I’ve looked all over the site and it doesn’t say anywhere that it’s fake news the way The Onion does, for instance.

  183. The lies these people are saying are just stunning.

  184. Let me see now. Out of this bunch of good for nothings, 4 that I know of make huge amounts of taxpayers money in farm welfare (subsidies).Look it up, it’s public record!

  185. Snoops says it’s fake

  186. Where’s the documentation for this?

  187. Most of the food stamps go to the elderly who cant work. In Texas that is $16 a month. Do you know what you can buy with $16.

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