Michelle Obama teaming up with Monsanto to promote children’s food

Why Michelle Obama Is Teaming Up With Monsanto and Friends to Block Your Right to Know What’s in Your Children’s Food

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The popular agriculture company Monsanto is partnering with First Lady Michelle Obama to promote nutritional foods for kids. According to reports from the Associated Press, Monsanto will spend $50 million over five years on a campaign to market ‘healthy’ genetically modified food to children. The agrochemical company will also bring its food offerings for kids in line with the new federal standards for labeling and nutrition.

Obama announced her intentions in front of crates of fresh produce on Thursday. “When I see a company like Monsanto launch an initiative like this, I feel more hopeful than ever before,” said the First Lady. “We can improve how we make and sell food in this country.”

“It’s a natural extension of what we do,” Monsanto vice president, Michael Stern, told the AP in reference to the new partnership with the first lady.

Throughout the First Lady’s trademark campaign, “Let’s Move,” she has attempted to tackle childhood obesity by promoting healthy eating. Although the first lady has largely avoided pursuing big food corporations, most often detailing the importance of personal responsibility and fitness rather than government interference, there are signs that she’s getting more aggressive. Late last year she convened a White House summit to convince agribusiness to rethink their marketing efforts towards children.

Conservatives, who have blasted Obama’s efforts to improve public school lunches as “the nanny state personified,” are equally displeased with her ventures into the private sector. “Get ready to see Michelle Obama’s face plastered all over your local grocery stores,” said one right-wing blogger.

For Michelle Obama, Monsanto represents a key ally, albeit a controversial one. It is the leading producer of genetically engineered seeds in the country and works with a vast array of farmers across the world. One move by Monsanto can ripple throughout the industry, and the company has grown increasingly bold in tackling complex social and political issues.

“We are obviously conscious about where we walk and who we walk with,” said Sam Kass, assistant White House chef and coordinator of food initiatives. “But it was clear that this is potentially transformative.”

In recent years, Monsanto has reached out to Democrats and sought out political appointments within government. Michael Taylor, Monsanto’s former Vice President for Public Policy, is now Deputy Commissioner of the Federal Drug and Food Administration. Time will tell how these ties between Monsanto and the federal government effect our nation’s youth.


  1. Flowerdamsel says:

    Do NOT tell me what to eat! You are not my mother and you surely have been endowed with lots of money to make this for profit in the USA. I am ashamed at you. You have your ‘Organic’ garden but will willingly feed everyone else a cancer. NO. I say NOT! I say Impeach for disregards to human life in the USA!

    • Jan Phillips says:

      Before you get your panties in a wad — this story is not true. Chill out, lady in distress

      • I certainly HOPE it’s not true — Jan Phillips– can you share with us what you know about this being not true. ….

        • Susan, why do you hope this story is not true?

        • Benjamin Gazzi says:

          Learn to look at your environment. This website just posted “news articles” that Carmelo Anthony is moving to China and people are handing out DIY abortion kits at Hobby Lobby. It’s a satirical website.

      • yes it is true.. sorry..

          • Many of the facts are true, & some of the article is satire, or suggestive thinking. Michelle Obama never directly makes a statement on GMOs, or the Monsanto infiltration into the US Government, or her involvement with them in her salad bar in schools program. Millions of americans are dying to know, while she keeps silent about it, which makes her guilty by association. I’ve seen the awful lunches in public schools. They are slow poison that create brain dead, autistic kids. The “Monsanto For Kids” promotion with Michelle Obama’s picture online is, in a round about way, completely true whether or not it was authorized by Monsanto or Michelle Obama.

      • Shari Peterson says:

        It works because it IS so believable.

  2. thinkingdeep says:

    Well the First lady can’t be impeached. The White House Garden though is a big ole slap in the face. They get to have their chef-prepared meals but a Big Ag company can further degrade the factors that affect children’s health. I think this should be on Change.org pretty darn soon. There’s NO way this can stay under the radar.

    • Markee Harris says:

      So sad! Michelle Obama you got some nerve! How dare you try and poison innocent young children! Shame on you Michelle Obama to fix your mouth and say those words! I’m disgusted!

    • Apparently “thinkingdeep” doesn’t do that and can’t read.

  3. Time for a Million Man March Against Monsanto!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Shanon Fuller says:

    Grow YOUR OWN FOOD!! The best way to fight shit like this is to grow ur own teach ur kids this is un natural and poison!!! Homeschool cuss pretty soon u wont have a choice to pack ur kids lunch…the government is not for u there against u

    • Won’t be able to if Monsanto owns the patent to the seeds. Terminator seeds (Monsanto patent) do not reproduce (they are sterile) forcing farmers to buy Monsanto seeds season after season. Why on Earth would anyone support such a company?

      • Why support such a company? I don’t know; perhaps because it provides excellent products that are reasonably priced. But that may not last for long, since it made a deal with the she-devil…

      • There are no such things as terminator seeds.

    • Lie to your kids! Of course. Do NOT under any circumstances teach them critical thinking! After all the streets are littered with the bodies of school children who eat lunch at school.

  5. Shanon Fuller says:

    They should b puting gardens in every school…not fake ill infested food

  6. Christian Ferris says:

    This story is fake. Thought you idiots should know.

    • Can you provide some proof that supports your allegation?

      • I’m not the person you are commenting to but I agree that the story is fake. They say these quotes are from an Associated Press story – go to AP and search for michelle obama and there is no story related to this. Google the monsanto quote by Michael Stern in the article or the one where Michelle Obama mentions Monsanto – this article is the only one that comes up. If this was a real program that was launched on Thursday and actually covered by the AP, other news groups would have also picked it up, but there’s nothing out there.

      • Breeana Cantu says:

        The proof would be found in the FAQs of this site where they explain that this is a satirical news site 😉

      • Christian Ferris says:

        Also they lifted all of the quotes from a 3 year old article… those they didn’t make up.

      • Blocking you right to know… The Obama Way. “In an effort to balance this violation of our basic rights, I am urging you as President to issue an Executive Order to require the mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods, something that you promised farmers while on the campaign trail in 2007. It is urgent that the U.S. government rectify the 20 year old politically engineered loophole and allow for open and transparent labeling of genetically engineered foods,” the letter continues, “a basic right that citizens in 62 others countries already enjoy.”

        • And it should be blocked. There is no difference between GMO food and so-called organic food and so-called conventional food. Humans have been genetically modifying their food sources for tens of thousands of years. There is little or nothing that you eat that could be considered “natural.” Why do I get the feeling that you hang out with the eco-terrorists at Naturalnews?

    • i really hope so..

    • oh yeah Obama passing the Monsanto Protection Act is fake you moron people can’t even sue those losers for getting cancer from them now thanks obama..just because someone put out a fake article doesn’t mean the white house isn’t blatantly working with monsanto to destroy our food industry and small farmers..grow up ..

      • Obama passed the so-called “Monsanto protection act” all by himself? Amazing. Maybe he can pass immigration changes, carbon taxes, open birth control, new pro abortion laws, fair pay and economic stimulus acts all by himself and we can finally get something postitive done in this country.
        I believe YOU luddites are the ones that need to grow up, read the science and stop the fearmongering.

    • Sterling Headset says:

      I’ve confirmed that the story is true.

    • no it isn’t !!!!!

    • It’s linked in MANY sources online. Drudge, Progressive Today, EAG News, and Daily Leak…
      Please enlighten us you defender-of-the-insane…

      • I guess Mr. Ferris is employing a little-used Leftist tactic: boldly deny the obvious when an elite Leftist seemingly (even if not actually) wanders off the reservation. And notice his impressive 16 (at the time of this witting) up arrows. I think they are circling the wagons.

        • Actually, Mr. Ferris is employing a little-used Right wing tactic: being able to fucking read.

          It’s a satirical news site. Do you know what satirical means?

  7. Tina Hunter says:

    She drank the kool aid…. 🙁

    • “She drank the [Kool-Aid]…” Perhaps she did, notwithstanding her fatuous “Drink Up [water]” campaign! But then again, that would be entirely in character for a hypocritical elite Leftist such as our First Lady.

  8. There is satire and then there is just plain stupid. Why would you put out a story like this that could easily be mistaken as real by someone not familiar with your website. What is your point in this story? There’s no punchline, no lesson learned. It’s just put out as a factual article. Why intentionally confuse people?

  9. And Michelle is arrogant enough to think she can pull Monsanto’s reputation out of the sewer because she’s on-board? Now that’s funny. Everyone hates her pompous attitude to begin with, and when she twerked THAT WAS IT FOR ME. I’d had enough of her shenanigans.

    But Michelle backing a LETHAL company like Monsanto KNOWING what their GMO’s do to human DNA is NOTHING SHORT OF GENOCIDE. I have the 1993 GMO study the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services conducted PROVING GMO’s cause gastric necrosis and a host of other diseases. And that was ONE TEST. So they absolutely know GMO’s are lethal to humans, especially our children. And I’ll make it my personal mission to derail that bitch’s murderous campaign as soon as it starts. She needs to be imprisoned along with her treasonous ass for a husband.

    • Robert Rubolin says:

      Genius its a fake story ! Really imprisoned yet Bush and Cheyney walk free ? Let me guess Laura Bush is a good person …… oh wait she killed someone with her car ! You’re an idiot !!

      • you are a moron Obama passed the Monsanto Protection Act Michelle Obama works with them and the Koch brothers all the time, the Koch brothers are registered Democrats ran for office as Democrats keep watching MSNBC and all the fake news you watch, who cares of this article is fake we all know Michelle Obama and Barack Obama support anything Monsanto does and now we can’t go after them with the law because Obama and his pen

      • Sterling Headset says:

        Wrong, this is accurate information.

  10. what a shame…i thought she was for organic foods….Eventually all politicians and wives are bought by corporations

  11. The Obamas are Corporatists tools.

  12. paulysworld says:

    THIS IS SATIRE PEOPLE! It’s not real! Never was.

  13. MontanaDiva says:

    This is a sad day…Monsanto is trying to make their Franken food main stream…Michelle you of all people should know better..Jamie Oliver please give her a call..

  14. Original Prankster says:

    Hey libs – further proof the OBullys will do whatever they please – Monsanto probably gave her a big check

  15. johnny mars says:

    Monsanto, the most sued corporation in history, is the poster child for the evil, greedy corporation. Monsanto intends to control the seed business throughout the world and its monopoly must be broken up immediately by the government.

    • See what happens, Monsanto, when you make a deal with the she-devil? You invite every Leftist, both great and small (such as johnny mars here), to attack you. Good luck; you’ll need it…

      • The Founders wanted us to all eat genetically modified foods.

        In fact, wasn’t Ben Franklin an original Monsanto board member?

  16. MontanaDiva says:

    This is a joke, I believe..this is like the Onion..and I don’t think it is true.

  17. WestTexasRose says:

    Monsanto is the producer of Agent Orange and another chemical used in V.N. Become aware and informed about what GMO seeds really are, how they are pushed on third world countries. Farmers refusing to use GMO seeds are being run out of business and the methods used by these huge chemical companies is disgusting. Inform yourselves. You may be shocked at what you find.

  18. Sheila Cain says:

    She is living proof that you don’t need a single working brain cell in your head to do something TOTALLY STUPID. POS liar!

  19. Tennessee Nichols says:

    Mutations you can believe in

  20. Who created agent orange (killed/maimed 400,00 and led to 500,000 birth defects)?? Oh yeah Monsanto. Aspartame, rBGH, GMOs, terminator seeds (forces farmers to use Monsanto seed), oh yeah… and they own the FDA.
    Nice move, Michelle…. you fascist.

  21. Babs Hennelly Kothe says:

    http://dailyleak.org/faq/ glad it’s fake..

  22. Democrats, Republicans, it doesn’t matter. Big money and big corporations run the show, and Monsanto is one of those corporations. The Obamas are no different than any other puppet that masqueraded as President. It’s time we realize who’s really in charge. Monsanto is poison food!

  23. DailyLeakPrintsLies says:

    Read the FAQ dummies – this is a SATIRICAL website – the stories are, literally, jokes :http://dailyleak.org/faq/

  24. http://dailyleak.org/faq/ – this is satire! learn how to evaluate where ‘news’ is coming from. it’s an important life skill.

  25. Blocking you right to know… The Obama Way. “In an effort to balance this violation of our basic rights, I am urging you as President to issue an Executive Order to require the mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods, something that you promised farmers while on the campaign trail in 2007. It is urgent that the U.S. government rectify the 20 year old politically engineered loophole and allow for open and transparent labeling of genetically engineered foods,” the letter continues, “a basic right that citizens in 62 others countries already enjoy.”

    • Blocking you right to know… The Obama Way. “In an effort to balance this violation of our basic rights, I am urging you as President to issue an Executive Order to require the mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods, something that you promised farmers while on the campaign trail in 2007. It is urgent that the U.S. government rectify the 20 year old politically engineered loophole and allow for open and transparent labeling of genetically engineered foods,” the letter continues, “a basic right that citizens in 62 others countries already enjoy.”

  26. TooMuchAlready says:

    Yea it’s got to be a joke. A respectable company like Monsanto wouldn’t do business with a dumb ass bitch like Moochelle.

  27. People…THIS IS A SATIRE SITE! This is a satirical article. NOT TRUE!!!!

    • bless us all says:

      thank you for highlighting this along with the gentleman’s comment above…i will be aware next time when i see this site’s postings anywhere else. did not know this of this site.

  28. alicia previn says:

    No No No! The Bees are dying because of Monsanto and Bayer and without them there ARE no fruits and vegetables ! Savethebees# https://soundcloud.com/alicia-previn/give-bees-a-chance

  29. alicia previn says:

    listen and learn the song that will help inform everyone https://soundcloud.com/alicia-previn/give-bees-a-chance

  30. Akiko Bharoocha says:


  31. Kenneth H Ransome jr says:

    I am disappointed in Michelle Obama!

  32. Paul Janes-Brown says:

    This is NOT TRUE! Read this story from the Arizona Republic … “I admit I’m a gambler. But this is just easy money.

    The Drudge Report this morning (Friday) posted thisstory about First Lady Michelle Obama “partnering” with the Monsanto Corp. to “promote nutritional foods for kids.”

    According to the news-like report at the DailyLeak.org, the agro-chemical company “will spend $50 million over five years on a campaign to market ‘healthy’ genetically modified food to children,” something that Ms. Obama supposedly believes will “improve how we make and sell food in this country.”

    There are real-life journalism reasons that explain plainly why this story is a fake. I won’t bore you with a lot of them, but the big ones are that wire services would have jumped all over such an insanely newsy item were it true, and they haven’t. The White House would have sent out a press release about it, and it hasn’t.

    But, really, let’s cut to the chase on this story: It was written by some clever fellow to drive insane those people who believe the manufacture of genetically modified foods is the greatest corporate conspiracy ever devised. For those of you uninitiated into American food wars, the American Left (and a fair number of apolitical natural-food advocates) despises Monsanto for its involvement in GMO foods. I…mean… despises.

    Just the idea that natural-food maven and Hero of the Busybody Left Michelle Obama might accidentally acknowledge that Monsanto may be directed by sentient human-like beings would make her fans’ heads spin into outer space. The idea of her “partnering” with them to promote GMO foods is so crazy that only a Liberal might believe it.

    Ergo, the now-removed Drudge link to the DailyLeak.org story. Somebody clearly thought it would be a good Friday for yanking the natural-food chain. And, from thecredulous responses, it appears somebody was right.

    The White House has not yet knocked down this ridiculous spoof. Perhaps they consider it beneath them. I think they’re right.

    But I am certain it will be knocked down. Every bit as certain as I was about this future Triple Crown winner.”

    • bless us all says:

      thank you for taking the time to write this; answered all the questions i had after i saw–or rather didn’t see… the article it was blocked for me–on drudge.
      if anything it was worth the mention to bring out this issue on the” food war” and is more intense than i [and others?]are aware..

  33. lostforsolution says:

    bull shit. they are dealing poison

  34. Mother of 2 says:

    Although this is satirical, it is not something that wouldn’t surprise me in the least if it was true. I am against any food company that fights to keep it’s ingredients off of labels and Monsanto has certainly done that in the past. I will not touch anything genetically modified nor allow my kids to.

  35. Leslie Schneider says:

    everything monsanto does is about money. Gates Foundation also has bought into this. They will be supplying gmo seeds to Africa to solve the food crisis there. How stupid can educated people be?

  36. awakeawareomshanti says:

    Mike is Satan. pass it on. i am not standing for this.

  37. blueeyedsong says:

    Sometimes, becoming a friend of your enemy can accomplish more than fighting your enemy!

    • Sterling Headset says:

      Quoting the Dailykos as a source of real information? It’s on par with the Dailyleak as far as reliability. Nice haircut.

  38. It’s a hoax, people.

  39. ModerateMartin says:

    OK a satirical paper says satirical stuff. Right?

  40. Lydia R. Dougherty says:

    “Obama announced her intentions in front of crates of fresh produce on
    Thursday. “When I see a company like Monsanto launch an initiative like
    this, I feel more hopeful than ever before,” said the First Lady. “We
    can improve how we make and sell food in this country.”
    We do not ‘make’ food – we GROW food – at least, our farmers did before Monsanto and other monster agricultural firms destroyed the family farmer, and before they discovered that controlling the seed increases profits. Every other country has banned GMO foods as unhealthy, because it alters the human genetic at the DNA level. We fed our entire country before Monsanto decided to play god and ruin natural food production. It’s time our farms were placed back in the hands of those that have a true vested interest in the best NATURAL product – the REAL family farmer.

  41. Justin Biebers Colon says:

    It’s on the internet, it MUST be true.

  42. Chelsea Eiben says:

    Ewe. Does anyone know that Monsanto doesn’t even EAT THEIR OWN “FOOD”!? http://boards.dailymail.co.uk/news-board-moderated/10251615-why-does-monsantos-staff-demand-organic-their-canteen.html

  43. time for a revolution!

  44. Karen Hicks McLendon says:

    Are you kidding me? Really, this just went all over me….Monsanto is responsible for alot of problems our children are suffering from and they are going to help feed our kids right….Really???? Monsanto is a kid killer and Michelle Obama is a shemale….need any more truths????

  45. Does Michelle feed this GMO garbage to her kids? Hell no! But she sure wants to feed it to ours!

  46. Ellie Clinton Issa says:

    This is satire. That’s what they do at dailyleak.com

  47. While this might be a faked story, there is some basis for it: the Monsanto Protection Act. http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/mpa.asp

  48. OMG what an ignorant lady, or maybe not, wonder how her bankaccount looks like.

  49. Monsanto =DEATH to the earth

  50. Just think. What would you do with someone who appeared and killed, in cold blood, 100s of people or 1000s or millions? Or someone who gave slow poison to that many people? Blacks, whites, browns, yellows. Then behave like a benefactor by saving two turkeys and giving away some small bags of food? . Then start robbing people from their jobs, allowing to go so fat that they need medical help to extend their lives by a few years. What would you do with a man who poisons people by importing billions of lethal viruses? These criminal activities are only a tip of the iceberg. Then a robber who robs millions of blacks whites and others from their livelihood, their houses by destroying the country’s economy? Wake up, try to think clearly and ACT!. He even signs an agreement to protect their cronies to poison, poison and poison. And you are waiting for another two years, by which time the killing system is firmly installed. The killing fields of Cambodia pale into insignificance.

    Are you MEN or CREEPS. You have thousands of soldiers who when see the most dangerous enemy, just salute him?. There maybe two of them.

  51. WHY PEOPLE WHY? It is so pitiful :/

  52. I like to start my day off without helping Monsanto
    Monsanto, let our farmers grow
    What they wanna grow

    Thank You Neil Young!


  53. I am so distraught. I became an American citizen so I could vote for Obama as President. Had I known that he and the first lady would sell us down the river, I would have never done that. It just goes to show that they’re happy to sell their souls in the name of profit. Altering and poisoning our food supply is the highest violation to nature and human life.

    Monsanto’s also hires horticulturist and scientists to tell us that there is no evidence that chemicals in our food will do us any harm.

  54. You as s holes can continue spreading lies and mis information. It is so becoming. U are whats wrong with the world.


  55. NotYourAverageBear says:

    This kind of low-brow click-bait website is really the worst form of misinformation. They pretend to be satire, except for one missing element: HUMOR. And while many headlines are recognizable as satire, many are seemingly possible at a glance, allowing those who scream before researching properly a new venue of bullshit propaganda to prop up their worst assumptions.

    Everyone should do the web a favor, and block this pathetic website from their browsers, and their FB pages. 😉

  56. This is not true, Michelle Obama has not teamed up with Monsanto. Publish an apology and retraction, stat: http://www.naturalnews.com/046164_Michelle_Obama_GMOs_for_children_Monsanto_sellout.html

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